3 reasons why Eagles should consider benching Carson Wentz

3 reasons why Eagles should consider benching Carson Wentz


3 reasons why Eagles should consider benching Carson Wentz


Jan 5, 2020; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) tosses the ball to an official after being tackled by the Seattle Seahawks during the first quarter in a NFC Wild Card playoff football game at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

2. It Sends the Right Message

After Sunday’s loss against the Cleveland Browns, Doug Pederson mentioned that benching Carson Wentz sends the wrong message to the Eagles. He believes that giving up on the starting quarterback shows that they are at a tanking stage and not trying to win games.

I respectfully disagree. Benching Carson Wentz sends the message that many Eagles players need to hear. If you aren’t doing a good job, somebody else will get the opportunity to try and do it better.

Look at guys like Jason Peters and Alshon Jeffery. Both were solid players in their primes, but they don’t have much to give at this point in their careers. Instead of accepting that fact, the Eagles trot both of these veterans out on the field, stealing reps from the younger guys that will be around a while.

Wentz, at 27-years-old, isn’t retiring anytime soon. But lately, he hasn’t proven he’s fit for the job as the clear-cut starting franchise quarterback. As one of the worst passers in the league at this moment, Wentz shouldn’t be on the field if there’s a high-end rookie available to the Eagles. Anywhere else, Wentz would’ve been holding the clipboard weeks ago.

But the Eagles have a loyalty problem. And Doug Pederson is making excuses for it. Benching Wentz wouldn’t be considered a panic move — or a sign of tanking. It would be a warning shot to the entire roster that nobody’s job is safe if you aren’t proving yourself.

Quarterbacks are known to get special treatment around the NFL. If the Eagles demote one of the most privileged men on the team, it gives the entire roster a strong reality check.

The Eagles aren’t good enough to win a Super Bowl this year. They might be first place in the NFC East, and could make the playoffs, but then what? Winning the NFC East is like winning the consolation bracket in fantasy football. You don’t cash out — and you have zero bragging rights.

Anyway, let’s be real. At 3-6-1, the Eagles are barely winning with Carson Wentz at quarterback as it is. If anything, not trying something new shows indications of giving up more than trying to fix something that is clearly broken.

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