Twins make some uncomfortable choices

Twins make some uncomfortable choices

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Twins make some uncomfortable choices


Hopefully this will be the last post of the sort, because hopefully baseball is back to normal in 2021. The Twins had to make the tough choice to cancel all fan meet and greets for the offseason. This goes along with Major League Baseball’s correct decision to abandon the Offseason World Series known as the Winter Meetings.

This means no Winter Caravan, the annual trip that sends Twins players and coaches to far flung lands within Twins Territory, like Fargo or Alexandria. No Twinsfest, which is a centralized event for Twins players to get up close and personal with the fans and see sections of Target Field that they would never get to see otherwise.

But alas, that is not going to happen this year. The Winter Meeting’s absence will not be felt as viscerally, however. For one thing, it wasn’t a fan event, but rather the source of news and headlines as the warmest the hot stove burns in the offseason. Now, without the face to face interaction, it seems unlikely that there will be a tangible spike in roster activity in December.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it will matter a heck of a lot. The whole offseason looks like it will be pretty muted. The situation we find ourselves in economically suggests that teams will be loathe to spend money. It was a dire situation already in recent years on the free agent market, but now, with little money to spend to go along with already ultra efficient front offices, free agents that aren’t at the top of their class are going to struggle for work.

Trades may still happen, and jostling for the Rule 5 pick positioning is still going to be a silly thing, but none of it necessarily needed to happen on the same 3 day stretch. It was just fun when it did. And this year, fun is at a minimum.

To make up for it, how about some dingers?

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