How to Avoid Smelling Like a Locker Room After Working Out

How to Avoid Smelling Like a Locker Room After Working Out

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How to Avoid Smelling Like a Locker Room After Working Out


Some men love to hit the football field or hit the gym, and work up a sweat in the process. While you might think it’s manly to smell after the gym and wear your sweat stains with pride, here’s the truth: it smells bad.

Even worse, smelling bad can ruin your dating chances or make you that annoying guy at your next party or after-work get-together. Let’s break down how you can stop smelling like a locker room after exercising. 

May 27, 2019; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers midfielder Justin Schwenk (36) picks up a loose ball in front of Yale Bulldogs TD Ierlan (6) and defender Bryce De Muth (35) in the first half of the men’s NCAA lacrosse national championship game at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Body Odor: Why We Have It

Everyone has body odor, whether you work out constantly or not. While the odor may be unpleasant, it’s a completely natural bodily process that causes it. Our bodies start to smell over time for the following reasons:

  • Bacteria live on the surface of your skin 
  • As you sweat, both throughout the day and after intense exercise, your sweat comes into contact with the bacteria
  • Your sweat is chock-full of nutrients and salt that the bacteria can use to reproduce
  • As the bacteria replicate, they produce the nasty smell we’re all familiar with

In fact, without bacteria, your sweat would smell just like saltwater. 

What Can You Do About It?

Sep 26, 2020; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Dallas Stars center Joe Pavelski (16) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning during the third period in game five of the 2020 Stanley Cup Final at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of guys act like it’s rocket science, but it’s really not. The best way to tackle body odor and stop smelling like you live in a locker room is to wipe things down. However, wiping down your sweat with a dry paper towel or rag won’t cut it. Wet wipes are a much better option, since they combine moisture and fragrances that can help to mask your body odor while your deodorant does its work.

This doesn’t mean you have to settle for “feminine” scents and fragrances. In fact, there are plenty of male-focused body hygiene products to help you fix your smell after a session at the gym. DUDE wipes, for instance, offers a variety of hygiene wipes to help energize and clean your skin without requiring you to jump in the shower in the middle of the day.

Is Odor Control Really Necessary?

If you can smell your own body odor, other people have likely been smelling it for a lot longer.  It’s a good idea to be proactive with your wipes and hygiene. This way, you can keep yourself smelling great and avoid stinking up your classroom or workplace after you decide to hit the gym early in the morning.

Plus, smelling fresh will yield additional benefits. Want to take a girl out on a date? Chances are she might just think highly of you if you smell like you take care of yourself (which is important since women smell better than men). Do yourself a favor and use wet wipes or other cleaning products to take care of body odor before it becomes a problem. Combine that with a reliable stick of deodorant and you’ll be set.


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