The Twins could go on or off script

The Twins could go on or off script


The Twins could go on or off script


This year is alike most years in one regard. The offseason usually doesn’t really get underway until after the Thanksgiving holiday. If everything holds that means we should hold onto our hats, because things are going to start moving at a breakneck pace. I’m not sure that’s exactly how it will go, but surely, we can anticipate some teams are going to start preparing for the 2021 season in earnest.

The Twins have given no really good indication of any surprises in store for the offseason. At least not outwardly, and not with the maneuvering that has taken place in the last few weeks. There have been a few projections as to what the Twins might do, or how the roster might be different next year. Almost universally, they have had three primary elements.

  1. Re-sign Nelson Cruz
  2. Move on from Eddie Rosario
  3. Add another mid-rotation starter (or keep Jake Odorizzi).

All three of these proposed actions, and the consensus that they will or should be done lends to the belief that they will indeed happen. There is something else underlying all of those moves. A profundity of assets.

Any evaluation of re-signing Nelson Cruz indicates that they want his leadership for the ongoing development of Miguel Sano, and while his bat is nice, nobody believes he will produce the same output forever. Cruz, for all his positives, is a stopgap. The Twins have viable options if Cruz find his 2 year deal elsewhere.

One of the reasons that Rosario is expected to have to find a new team is because he is going to make a lot of money at a position where he isn’t notably better than his contemporaries. Another is that there are at least two options to take his place already in the organization. Alex Kiriloff debuted in the playoffs, and Trevor Larnach is nearly ready as well. Rosario has been pretty good, but those two might be better. If not, the savings, well, they make it worthwhile to find out, at least.

The Twins will stray into the pitching market again this year, but have every expectation that Kenta Maeda and Jose Berrios will provide a potent 1-2 at the top of the rotation. Michael Pineda, Randy Dobnak and some emerging prospects will need to be surpassed by whatever free agent the Twins would add in order to really make a difference.

The Twins are in a great position for the offseason. They have few glaring holes, but they have a healthy supply of organizational talent. The depth gives the team more options than a team that simply has holes that need to be patched. There are some moves that are staring us in the face, but the team also has a lot of options if they are thinking of getting creative.



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