'Monday Night Raw' (11/30) Results And Review: #1 Contender To WWE Championship Determined, Symphony Of Destruction Match, And More

'Monday Night Raw' (11/30) Results And Review: #1 Contender To WWE Championship Determined, Symphony Of Destruction Match, And More

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'Monday Night Raw' (11/30) Results And Review: #1 Contender To WWE Championship Determined, Symphony Of Destruction Match, And More


This edition of Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. The main advertised match scheduled was a Triple Threat match to determine the #1 Contender to Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship as it was AJ Styles vs. Keith Lee vs. Riddle.

The show opened with A Moment of Bliss. Alexa introduced Randy Orton as her guest. Randy came out to the ring and Alexa pointed out that he was in a fowl mood because of his loss against AJ Styles last week. She asked him if he thought why he costed Randy the match. Randy said he knows Bray very well but he hasn’t been introduced to The Fiend. She says he is her best friend. Randy said him and The Fiend has a lot in common but all his pain he keeps bottled up. He said he hears voices and so does The Fiend but the voices The Fiend hears are his voices. Randy said he found Bray’s vulnerability and burned it to the ground. He said he needs to find The Fiend’s weakness. He said it looks like he has found it in Alexa. She asks if the voices are telling him lies. She then asks who is manipulating who. The lights start to turn off. The Fiend appeared and Randy had Alexa in his arms. The Fiend holds his hands out, wanting him to give Alexa to him. Orton does and then leaves the ring. Randy asks him who’s laughing now as they stare down each other.

Jeff Hardy Defeated Elias In The Symphony Of Destruction Match

Review: Really awesome match! I loved how insane it was and the level of hardcore action we saw in the match. I didn’t think the ending spot was smart though with how the table was positioned and Hardy landing on the back of his head when he did the Swanton off the top. That was my only issue.

Keith Lee was getting ready for the match until Riddle came up to him. Riddle said he is excited and nervous for the match. He pointed out that Lee had his chance and he has never faced Drew. He continues to talk and throw in an Austin Powers reference until Lee walks away.

Mustafa Ali was with Retribution backstage saying Ricochet is being thrown away and he doesn’t see it. Slap Jack talked about being discarded and the world saw him as a joke until Ali saw him for who he truly is. Ali tells Ricochet that Slap Jack will make him see what they see.

Ricochet was in a video promo saying that he thought about it and he doesn’t need to save Ali but he needs to be better than him in the ring. He said that starts with him kicking Slap Jack in the head.

 Slap Jack Defeated Ricochet

Review: Pretty good match. I was sort of confused as to why Dana Brooke was out there and they did all that just to have Slap Jack win. I just thought the in ring action was pretty good but I thought the Dana Brooke spot wasn’t needed in this match.

The Miz and John Morrison was in the ring for Miz TV. They introduce Sheamus as their guest. Sheamus came out and they asked how his Thanksgiving was and he tells them to get to the point. Miz asks Sheamus about not getting anything back from Drew after Sheamus gave Drew his old chest from back home. They claim Sheamus is jealous of being WWE Champion. Sheamus said him and Drew go way back. Miz said Drew has what they want and that’s the WWE title. Miz said he will become WWE Champion and Morrison will be first in line because they are real friends. He tries to convince Sheamus to attack Drew so he can cash in tonight. Sheamus laughed. Miz said Sheamus hasn’t been in the title picture in 5 years because his career is a joke. Sheamus got up and tells Miz that he likes to fight while Miz likes to talk. Sheamus attacks them but Miz nailed Sheamus in the back with the briefcase to knock him out in the ring.

Asuka hypes Lana up backstage for their tag match with Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Lana gets interviewed and said she is about to show Shayna and Nia what her and Asuka are all about.

Nia and Shayna are interviewed and were asked how confident are they that they will beat Lana and Asuka. Nia called the victory a fluke. Shayna blames the loss on Nia and Nia tells Shayna that she got pinned. Shayna said it was pathetic losing to Lana. Nia said she will put an end to Asuka and put Lana through the table again.

Lana and Asuka Defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Review: The match was pretty good. It looks as if they are building towards a TLC match for the Women’s Tag Titles at TLC and it’s helping build Lana into the sympathetic babyface.

Drew McIntyre checked on Sheamus backstage and laughed. Sheamus asked if that was funny and Drew said it was must see TV. Drew asked if he was ready to take their heads off tonight and Sheamus said he definitely is.

The New Day came out for their match. They went on the mic and Kofi congratulated Xavier Woods on being the host of G4. Xavier said he’ll be a future King Of The Ring and thanks everyone who supports Up Up Down Down. Kofi talked about Hurt Business failed multiple times to take the Raw Tag Titles from them. The Hurt Business came out and MVP tells them that they are 2 and 2 against The New Day. MVP said the next time they face them for the titles it will be a distant dream that they had the belts. Cedric tells them it was dumb luck that Xavier pinned Shelton but he is not Shelton and he won’t be pinned by Xavier that way. Cedric attacked Xavier before the match began.

Cedric Alexander Defeated Xavier Woods

Review: Really good match. This rivalry has been decent so far and I was liking the chemistry between Woods and Cedric.

Riddle confronted AJ and Omos backstage. AJ tells Riddle how important this match is. Riddle calls AJ Skipper and said he is getting the win tonight. Omos laughed at his reference to the skipper his bunny. AJ tells Riddle that he is going to be back in the WWE title picture. Riddle calls him cute like his bunny too and AJ pushed Riddle. Riddle had no idea what he did to piss AJ off. AJ and Omos leave for their match.

AJ Styles Defeated Riddle and Keith Lee In A Triple Threat Match To Become The #1 Contender For The WWE Championship

Review: Really awesome match! The right man won as well. The only thing was that I feel this match should’ve main evented the show.

The Miz and John Morrison were interviewed by Charly Caruso about what happened on Miz TV earlier. She also said their plan backfired and asked if they have a different strategy. Miz said Drew can’t trust Sheamus and he may have a shot at cashing in. Charly pointed out he is not presenting a real plan but they leave.

Dana Brooke Defeated Reckoning

Review: So they’re going to have Reckoning lose in her first match against Dana and they are going to tease her being kicked out of the group right away? I was not a fan of this.

Miz and Morrison confronted AJ Styles bringing him a pie to celebrate his victory. AJ said he’ll help him cash in the briefcase on Drew because it would be a lot easier to beat Miz than Drew McIntyre at TLC. He takes the pie and shows it off to Omos. Omos tells him that’s not a pie, that’s cupcake.

MVP confronted Riddle backstage and rubbed his loss in his face. Riddle asked if he could hear his ideas now. He gives MVP his ideas and MVP said his ideas are stupid. Riddle gets up in his face but then Lashley comes from out of nowhere and beats down Riddle.

Keith Lee confronted Sheamus backstage, saying that Sheamus might turn on Drew McIntyre. Sheamus tells him that it’s none of Keith’s business and leaves.

Charly Caruso interviewed Drew McIntyre in the ring. She asks about his matches with Randy to become WWE Champion again and his match with Roman at Survivor Series. Drew said he pinned Orton in the middle of the ring to regain his title. He said Roman’s face turned from confidence to fear when he fought him. He teases that their paths will cross again and he will beat him the next time. She asks him about AJ Styles being his next challenger and Miz looming around to cash in. Drew said he has no problem with AJ and has no problem beating him. He said the briefcase is the only thing keeping Miz relevant and he’ll have to stick the briefcase up where the sun don’t shine on Miz. Sheamus came out for their tag match.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus Defeated Miz and Morrison By DQ

AJ was pleading Miz to cash in as they beat down Drew in the ring. Miz refuses but then he does when he realizes Drew was down. Drew got up, back dropped Morrison over the top rope and nailed Miz with the Claymore. He went face to face with Styles but then Styles escaped with Omos as Omos carried him on his shoulders.

Review: Pretty good match but again I prefer the Triple Threat match be the main event instead of this. It was just a regular Money In The Bank cash in tease to end the show.

Overall Review: Actually not a very unbearable show to watch. The Symphony Of Destruction and the Triple Threat match were the highlights for me as well as the Moment Of Bliss segment but everything else was pretty much average.

Grade: 6/10


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