Comeback victory in football betting: everything you need to know about that type of betting on football

Comeback victory in football betting: everything you need to know about that type of betting on football


Comeback victory in football betting: everything you need to know about that type of betting on football


Football action line of events is characterised by a multitude of different interesting markets. One of them is a bet on a comeback victory. Professional players hesitate to bet on such events because they carry a high risk. But for many bettors with a good understanding of football, such a market can be a real boon because of the way bookmakers assess these events. In this article, we will look at the main nuances of betting on comeback victory in football games, and also look at what betting strategies can be used to play this type of event.

Features of the bet

A comeback victory in football is the situation when a team managed to beat an opponent by losing the score. It does not matter whether a team has managed to lead before – if a team wins by losing in the course of a game, then victory is considered a comeback. For example, Real Madrid took the lead in the game against Barcelona 1-0. Then by the break, the team lost 1-2. After the final whistle, the result was 4:2 in favour of Real Madrid. This victory is also considered a comeback, as the team lost at a certain stage of the game.

Jul 26, 2019; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Real Madrid defender Nacho (6) plays the ball against Atletico de Madrid midfielder Juan Manuel Sanabria (36) during the second half of an International Champions Cup soccer series match at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Comebacks often take place in top matches and big championships. Historically, English league is considered the strongest one, but it is also the most unpredictable in terms of results: the underdogs win more often than in Spain, Italy, Germany and other top leagues. This can have an impact on the outcome on the course, as bettors are more likely to bet favourites on comebacks. This is even related to the strategy, which we will consider below.

Not all bookmakers accept bets on a comeback victory. In some, for example, 1xBet, Betcity and Melbet, there may be different betting options for the event in question: you can bet on the fact that a comeback will be potentially in the match, or make a prediction for a comeback of a particular club. Bets on a comeback victory are characterized by very high odds, which allows you to have a sizable profit even with a low success rate of 15-20%.

Analysis Guidelines 

One of the key rules for betting on a comeback is playing live. It is much easier to understand which team is capable of a comeback when you see the game online. That’s why bettors need to follow the matches in real time. You indeed have to start the analysis before the game starts and pay attention to standard factors:

  • form of teams – psychological and physical, assessment of the latest results;
  • head-2-head meetings. It is important to see how events developed in the last games, whether there were comebacks;
  • motivation. Personal and tournament – any motivation option is very important to understand how teams can act, whether they can count on their moral reserves if necessary;
  • squad. The line-up will give you a better chance of winning; imbalances in lines can bring chaos. This, too, is important to consider.

Also, keep in mind who is the referee of the match and how often players of both teams do fouls. Often comebacks happen after sending off the team leading in the score. Therefore, it is recommended to place bets in live mode – this will allow you to track this situation and place a bet in favour of the right team.

Also, pay attention to the indirect factor – character. For example, Liverpool, Atalanta, Sassuolo, Manchester United, Leicester and many other clubs can afford to miss first, after which they get down to business, level the score and press the opponent. This feature must be taken into account in the analysis.

Betting Strategies 

Jul 26, 2019; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale (11) dribbles the ball as Atletico de Madrid forward Sergio Camello (34) defends during the second half of an International Champions Cup soccer series match at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When playing the same type of bet, bettors often use some playing tactics. Betting on a comeback victory also has its tricks associated with the use of strategies. Therefore, we will consider the most interesting and useful game models.

A comeback victory of the favourite

In practice, there are often matches in which the favourites concede first, after which they make every effort to clinch the winning result. You can make great money on this, and there are two game models for this tactic.

The first involves playing cautiously live. That is, the bettor follows the match and sees that the favourite conceded in the first half. In this case, the player makes a bet on the victory of the favourite: you can no longer consider the market as “comeback victory: yes”. Such a game is more reliable and has good odds, but not very high.

The second option is to bet on the comeback victory of the favourite in the prematch. The odds will be very high, but it is important to analyze correctly and understand whether such a scenario is possible in the match. An important detail is one of these rounds of the strategy must be used constantly: that is, not to interfere with both scenarios at a distance within the same bank. Both betting systems are capable of producing excellent results.

Martingale system for a team or championship

The Martingale system in the case of bets on a comeback in football can also be used from two sides: either to play for the entire championship or a specific team. In the first case, it is necessary to take the whole round and play it chronologically – choose and bet on matches going one after another. If the first bet fails, we double the nominal value and bet on the second. True, starting bets should be small, not exceeding 3% of the bank.

When playing for a team, the bettor has a long wait – after all, teams do not play more than 2 games per week. But, if a player has a good grasp of it and understands which situations are more likely to win, he will be able to make a great profit on the course of the season. In any case, it is important to distribute your finances correctly over the Martingale system so as not to drain the entire amount for several bets – start with a small percentage.

Pros and cons of betting on a comeback victory 

Placing a bet on a comeback is characterized by very high odds, even if there is a favourite in the match – the main advantage of playing on this market. This type of bet is present in many bookmakers – the availability of the outcome is also an advantage. Also, in the absence of a market in the prematch, players always have the opportunity to place a bet online – if the favourite concedes a goal, you can simply predict his victory.

An obvious drawback of the game for a comeback victory is the complexity of the market analysis. It is very difficult to predict whether there will be a comeback, regardless of the game mode. But even a low passability of bets can give a sizable profit.


To bet on a comeback victory, bettors have the necessary tools: strategies, a good line of bookmakers and a list, high odds and statistical services. Complementing the game with a wealth of knowledge about football and the behaviour of teams in different championships, as well as playing according to the correct financial model, then the player’s success will be almost guaranteed. It will be important not only to follow these rules but also to constantly improve in analytics and watch matches more often to see the behaviour of the teams on which bets will be placed in the future.

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