Why is horse racing such a popular sport to bet on - even if you don't know much about it?

Why is horse racing such a popular sport to bet on - even if you don't know much about it?


Why is horse racing such a popular sport to bet on - even if you don't know much about it?


Sport is central to society and gives us a way to stay healthy if we participate and it is also entertainment. Watching sports is something lots of people love to do and the choice on offer is quite something. From exciting football games in Eurocup 2021 to tennis matches, cricket games and more, there is always a game to watch. Horse racing is also a very popular sport to follow and has its spiritual home in the UK. This is not only a sport people love to watch – just as many enjoy betting on horse races each day.

While this might be expected for serious gamblers, you might be surprised to find out that horse racing is a popular sport to bet on for people who do not know much about it. When they fancy a casual flutter, it is the Sport of Kings they often turn too. But why that?

Oct 1, 2020; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Ny Traffic comes out of turn four during a work out during the morning training session at Pimlico Race Course. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of information online to help 

Due to the digital age we live in, the internet makes it simple for people who do not know anything about horse racing to place a bet. There are many sites and sources of information online that bring together tips and selections to consider for every race. This eliminates the need for you to know anything about the sport to get involved and removes the need for you to put any hard work in yourself to pick a horse.

Cheltenham horse racing tips shown at the Cheltenham Festival website are a superb illustration of this idea in action. This site has easy to follow tips from horse racing experts for the upcoming Cheltenham Festival races. That means you can find a horse to back without having to actually know about the sport yourself! 

Easy to understand 

When people are looking to get involved with sports they know little about, it is vital that the rules etc., are simple to grasp. Any sport with complex rules or which require too much intense thought will not fare well! Luckily, horse racing is a very straightforward sport to understand at its most basic level. It is simply a case of picking a horse out of a field of runners to back and watching them race. You can bet on a horse to win or to be placed in the first three past the winning post. 

Fun action and big events 

When people do not know anything about sport, they will usually look for massive events on which to bet. This is because they will have heard of them in the media and value the familiarity this brings. Horse racing is full of top events which regularly make big headlines, such as the Cheltenham Festival. As a result, people love to get involved with them and join in with everyone else – even if they know nothing about racing. 

Of course, the thrills and action are also a big draw. While you might not know anything about this sport, you will still have lots of fun watching the race unfold and cheering your horse on. The fun factor is also ramped up by the colourful silks the jockeys wear, the glamorous feel of racing and the unique names many horses have. All this helps to draw people in and make it a sport they enjoy betting on, even without any prior knowledge.


Sep 5, 2020; Louisville, Kentucky, USA; John Velazquez guides Authentic to win the 146th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Horse racing is easily one of the most popular sports around the UK and the whole world. It is safe to say that there is a meeting going on somewhere around the world pretty much every day of the year. It is therefore easy to find a race to bet on and it does not require prior knowledge of when particular racing events might be happening. 

In addition, horse racing is carried prominently at every decent online sportsbook. As online betting is probably where people who do not usually bet will head, this makes it a popular choice for them. Easy access and prominent placing by sportsbooks means people can bet on horse racing without having much in-depth knowledge about the sport.

A chance to win some money 

Even if people do not know much about horse racing, they will know that there is the chance to win large amounts of cash. That alone is enough to encourage them to bet, even if they do not usually follow the sport. That is illustrated by the amount of casual bettors who place bets on horses with huge odds (such as 100/1). If this type of bet comes in, as it did with Mon Mome’s 2009 Grand National win, it can net people huge wins.

Promotions are also another big factor to consider. Many sportsbooks and bookmakers will offer regular promotions in horse racing (odds boosts, extra places etc.). These offers are simple to understand and tempting to people who are looking at on what sport they should place their bets. 

Horse racing is perfect for casual bettors 

Betting on horse racing is quick and easy and can be completed in just a few minutes. That appeals to many casual bettors who might not want to spend ages placing their bet. When you also consider that races usually only last a few minutes, it also appeals to individuals who are not interested in the finer points of the sport.

Many people have also grown up with horse racing in everyday life. Even if you do not know much about it or have never placed a bet before, you will have a general idea on how it all works. This is very attractive to more casual bettors who want a sport to bet on that they are familiar with. All in all, the above shows that there are lots of reasons why horse racing is the ideal sport on which to wager  even if you do not know much about it.

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