The Twins keep it close to home

The Twins keep it close to home

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The Twins keep it close to home


Major League Baseball blew up the minor league system this offseason, taking advantage of a collapsing economy and an overall pause in the game to leverage their farm system for a few extra bucks. It wasn’t necessarily the Twins behind everything, but they were certainly one of the teams that came out ahead.

The biggest move has made headlines here, as their AAA squad was moved from Rochester, New York to St. Paul. Professional baseball spelled out something explicitly that Twin Citians have all know: Minneapolis is simply a level better than St. Paul. Jokes aside, this was a terrific move for the Twins.

Logistically, the St. Paul Saints are a tremendous choice, as they have a brilliant identity, well crafted during their time on the independent circuit. They also have a new stadium and modern facilities, all on the doorstep to the team.

This helps with long term marketing, as there top players in the organization not yet at the Major League level will be just across the River, building their reputation and perhaps bringing more eyes to the team, and more cache to the individual players. It will also elevate the class of baseball played at CHS Field, and draw revenue from die hard Twins fans that want to get in on the ground floor of a top prospect’s development.

On a more practical level, it will help with transaction management. Instead of flying from another time zone, players moved up from AAA during home weekends, or as the team was headed out of town would merely have to drive a few miles on I-94. That turnaround will definitely help with debuts and restedness. Besides, I head there were nuns who give massages over there of stress is still too high.


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