5 Common Basketball Injuries Every Athlete must be Aware Of

5 Common Basketball Injuries Every Athlete must be Aware Of

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5 Common Basketball Injuries Every Athlete must be Aware Of


Crossover dribble, teardrop shots, body-bump and high release are few of the trickiest basketball moves. These make it a fun game and the second most loved sport behind American football. Be it a league or a casual game with friends, not playing in an organized manner might lead to injuries. In the 2011-2014 National Health Interview Survey, 8.6 million sport related accidents were reported every year, with rates being higher among males, according to an article by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Basketball contributes a significant portion in these numbers with 200,000 bruises each year.

Basketball knee braces are one of the easiest solutions to take care of joints. Pick sturdy basketball ankle braces to play with ease without feeling unstable at any point, according to experts at Aidfull. In fact, the braces for basketball players support for basketball injuries and ensure speedy recovery. However, before choosing these gears, look at the potential mishaps which can take place in the court. 

Oct 6, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis (3) reacts after being injured during the fourth quarter against the Miami Heat in game 4 of the 2020 NBA Finals at AdventHealth Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ankle Sprains 

This is a wound in the band of tissues connecting leg and foot bones which usually occur when you accidentally turn your ankles in an awkward manner, according to an article by Healthline. While playing basketball, there are high chances of twists and rolls. This leads to swelling and pain which might take few months to heel. So, besides best basketball knee pads, look for ankle support products to ensure the right protection. 

2. Knee Injuries 

Knees might bang into each other causing serious troubles. Otherwise, a sudden pivotal movement can also knock off the bones. Lastly, the inability to bear constant stop-start motions in the game can damage the ligaments. In these cases, basketball knee braces can safeguard the legs and prevent surgical interventions. 

3. Thigh Strains 

Contusion or deep thigh bruising occurs when an opponent’s knee or elbow hits the thigh muscles. Otherwise, running, bumping and jumping can leave the player with tons of different injuries. These can occur anytime but can be prevented effectively with high quality sport braces. They can also lower the impacts of the injury, if any. 

Aug 21, 2020; Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA; Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic (77) falls to the court after being injured during the second half in a NBA basketball first round playoff game at AdventHealth Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ashley Landis/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

4. Elbow Injuries

As a result of shooting, passing or dribbling, the elbows can be over used. This leads to a condition called elbow tendonitis. It swells the tendons which causes excessive pain in the arms and elbows due to repetitive motions like gripping and swinging, according to an article by WebMD. Consider resorting to a shoulder basketball support brace for speedy recovery. 

5. Face and Head Injuries 

Taking accidental elbow blows on the face or bumping your head into another’s leaves you with the worst kind of injuries. It can cause bloody lips, swollen eyes or even a broken nose. There are not many ways to prevent it except being careful when opponents are heading towards you. Make sure to apply cold compression and take adequate rest to heal the wounds completely. 

For most of these accidents, players might not need surgeries. However, they can keep you out of the game for months and ruin your confidence. Therefore, consider taking sufficient preventive measures like sleeves, pads and braces for a safe and healthy game. 

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