'Monday Night Raw' (12/14) Results And Review: Go Home Show Before 'TLC,' Randy Orton And Bray Wyatt Brawl, And More

'Monday Night Raw' (12/14) Results And Review: Go Home Show Before 'TLC,' Randy Orton And Bray Wyatt Brawl, And More

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'Monday Night Raw' (12/14) Results And Review: Go Home Show Before 'TLC,' Randy Orton And Bray Wyatt Brawl, And More


Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St Petersberg, Florida with virtual fans in attendance. It was the go home show before WWE TLC this Sunday as Sheamus went one on one with AJ Styles, Lana took on Nia Jax and Bray Wyatt leads a field trip to the ThunderDome.

The show began with The Miz in the ring for The Dirt Sheet. He reads a book called “The Night Before TLC.” He welcomes the protagonist of the story: AJ Styles. He introduces Drew McIntyre as the mighty strong champion but it was Morrison dressed as Braveheart. They played out AJ beating Drew and stabbing a fake sword into Morrison. AJ climbed the ladder to symbolize him winning at TLC. Miz teased a contract cash in at the end of the story. AJ gets mad about it until Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus said he thought he saw it all but he hasn’t until now. Sheamus says he is prepared to fight. AJ said if Sheamus isn’t part of the solution, he is part of the problem. Sheamus said he is part of the problem. AJ threw a Christmas Tree at Sheamus but then Sheamus threw a present at AJ thus we get Sheamus and AJ right away.

AJ Styles Defeated Sheamus

Sheamus tried to get his hands on AJ as AJ was bad mouthing him but Omos grabbed him and trapped him between the ropes. Stlyes took advantage and attacked him with a chair while Sheamus was stuck.

They showed The Hurt Business picking on a guy backstage who had a Bro Nut from Riddle and had a Riddle hat on. Lashley poured milk on the guy’s head. Sarah interviewed MVP on his match against Riddle. MVP said Riddle can’t get a sentence together and he will teach Riddle about respect. MVP said The Hurt Business will send The New Day and Jeff hardy into their own world of hurt.

Riddle confronted Jeff Hardy and The New Day backstage before their match. Riddle said he wants to replace Big E for tonight and be Bro E. The New Day accepted. Jeff Hardy also accepted the Hardy Bros idea from Riddle before their entrance.

The Hurt Business Defeated Jeff Hardy And The New Day

Lana and Asuka were backstage and Lana says she feels confident that they will win the tag titles. Lana says she is scared to face Nia alone but Asuka gives her motivation, telling her she is the bravest person she knows. She tells Lana to go beat Nia right before Lana goes out for the match.

Lana Defeated Nia Jax

Shayna Baszler attacked Asuka backstage after the match. Nia attacked Lana in the ring. Nia leg dropped Lana in the middle of the ring and Shayna stomped on Lana’s arm. Shayna started stomping and twisting Lana’s ankle. Nia leg dropped Lana’s ankle until Asuka came out to fight them off. Shayna and Nia retreated as Asuka tended to Lana in the ring.

Elias was in the ring, playing his guitar. He introduces Jaxson Ryker at his side. Elias talked about the lightening that he got struck with in the Symphony Of Destruction match should’ve ended him but didn’t. Ryker says he has been reborn by hearing Elias’ album. He said he is here to stop anyone who disrespects Elias. Elias dedicates his next song to Lana but R Truth interrupted. He said he apologized for interrupting him on Main Event. Elias pointed out that he is interrupting him now. Elias goes on to play until Raw Superstars come out to chase Truth. Ryker took out Lince Dorado and threw Akira Tozawa out of the ring.

The Miz and John Morrison were backstage talking about AJ Styles, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre until Keith Lee interrupted. Lee has a coin and tells them to call it. They choose heads and it landed on heads. Lee congratulates them and tells them that is the only thing they are going to win tonight.

The Miz And John Morrison Defeated Keith Lee

Bray Wyatt came out to the ring. His Fire Fly Fun House friends were at ringside. Bray apologized to Randy from last week saying it was one big misunderstanding. Bray said he doesn’t know what will be left of Randy after The Fiend is done with him. Bray said he wants to celebrate by telling some jokes about Randy Orton. He tells a couple of jokes until Randy shows up on the screen. He said he will not allow The Fiend to get the best of him tonight and at TLC like last week. Randy proposes they play a game of hide and seek. Bray accepts. Randy tells Bray to come find him. Bray says he is going to find him and the games have begun. Bray leaves the ring.

Mace Defeated Ricochet

Retribution held Ricochet in front of Ali and Ali tells him that this will not end until Ricochet joins Retribution.

Bray Wyatt goes up to Riddle and asks him if he has seen Randy. Riddle says no but he introduces Bro Nouns to Bray. Bray says he likes it but he has to go find Randy. Rambling Rabbit surprises Riddle and Riddle calls him Baby Broda. He gives him a carrot.

Dana Brooke Defeated Shayna Baszler By DQ

Shayna and Nia attacked Dana in the ring until Mandy Rose came to her aid, attacking them with a kendo stick. Shayna started to fight back against Mandy until Asuka came out to take Shayna and Nia out.

R Truth talked about getting a PS6 because the PS5 sold out backstage. He said he wants to get his nephew a Play Station and asks the Pig if he can help him out. Bray goes up to them saying that he still has got to find Randy in the hide and seek game.

Bray looked around backstage for Randy. He sees a chair rocking back and forth in a dark room. He goes towards it and sits down. Randy came from behind and started beating down Bray. Randy puts Bray in  a crate and closes it. He took a gasoline tank and poured it all over the crate. He took a lighter and lit the crate on fire that Bray was in. Suddenly, The Fiend popped out of there and put the Mandible Claw on Randy until Randy passed out.

Riddle Defeated MVP

Riddle escaped before Bobby Lashley could get to him. He eats his Bro Nuts as he leaves.

Tom Phillips was in the ring introducing AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre in the ring for the WWE Championship Ascension Ceremony. Styles tells Drew that it will be the last time he has the title around his waist. AJ points out they have never faced but he was shocked that it took him 19 years to become WWE Champion. AJ said he has defended the title in a TLC match unlike Drew. AJ said he will do whatever takes to become champion. Drew says this is a match he has always wanted. He says he finally gets AJ this Sunday. He claims that he has led WWE through 2020 and he is the champion that will tear him apart at TLC. Drew puts the title on the hanger as it is being raised up at the top. AJ points out that what if it’s not just AJ he has to face at TLC. Miz and Morrison knocked the ladder onto Drew as all 3 of them attacked him. Drew fought back and Claymore’d Morrison with the ladder. Drew was about to hit the Claymore Kick on AJ until Omos threw steel steps into the ring. Styles attacked Drew’s knee and planted him with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles attacked him the ladder, chairs and landed an elbow on McIntyre through a table from the ladder. AJ climbed up the ladder and unhooked the title as the show went off the air.

Overall Review: It was pretty much an average go home Raw show before a pay per view. I will say that the show flowed a little better than previous weeks but some of the matches and segments were just there and really didn’t matter. They did a pretty good job building for the pay per view but not as much to the point to where I’m looking forward to it. The best parts of the show for me was the match between AJ Styles and Sheamus and the segment with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt where Randy tried to burn him. Keith Lee losing to The Miz and John Morrison was questionable but I think it’s leading towards something better with him down the road.

Grade: 5/10

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