What are the Benefits of Finding a Baseball Trainer?

What are the Benefits of Finding a Baseball Trainer?


What are the Benefits of Finding a Baseball Trainer?


Baseball—America’s national pastime. As an experience, it’s nothing short of invigorating and exhilarating. There’s always that joy you feel when you manage to hit the ball for the first time, and that sense of when you want to make it to the next base before you’re called out.

With so much action going on in the field, baseball actually has numerous benefits for your body. Whether you like to keep fit, maintain an active lifestyle, or simply just get better at playing the game, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try setting foot on the diamond and running through a few bases (or all of them). But if you’ve got yourself an amateur team with little-to-no direction, maybe you wonder: will I really get better at the game if I just keep playing? If you’re unsure, you can always find yourself a baseball trainer.

Should I Really Hire a Baseball Trainer?

Like every other guru or instructor out there, baseball trainers are able to help you get better at making that killer swing or throwing that screwball. Not only will they assist in perfecting your skills, but they should be able to keep you healthy as well since the most amateur of mistakes may cause injury. If you’re looking for a baseball coach yourself, sites like The Pro’s List are available that can help you find a good fit for you.

With that out of the way, let’s point out why getting a baseball trainer is a great thing for the would-be major league player. They should be able to:

Oct 11, 2020; Arlington, TX, USA; Atlanta Braves pitching coach Rick Kranitz watches starting pitcher Max Fried (54) as the Braves work out at Globe Life Park. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. Teach the Fundamentals of Baseball

At its very core, baseball is a game. Games should be fun and if the players aren’t having fun, why should they bother playing it? A baseball coach should be able to instill ideas into every individual in the team that they don’t have to win to have fun. With the right baseball trainer, rival teams might be playing regularly with each other in a game of respect and enjoyment. In addition to this, an experienced baseball trainer might even let amateur players into the know of the nuances of the real rules of the game.

2. Foster Camaraderie in the Team

Sometimes there are squabbles and in-fighting within a team—maybe the batter’s too slow, or the pitcher can’t hit, or one of the fielders is easily distracted. Hiring a baseball trainer might be able to solve all these problems. They’ll give each player direction and purpose and even constantly encourage the team that playing for yourself doesn’t equate to working together. They can also act as an authority or a mediator during any disputes between players. 

3. Direct Players in a Match

When the team’s out there playing with other amateurs, the baseball trainer can give sound strategy in order for the team to do their best. They can come up with substitution plans, relate with the umpire, trainers, and players from the competing team, determine starting lineups, and more. Remember that hiring a baseball trainer doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win a game—what matters in the end, as is stated in item number one, is that both teams have fun playing. With the right amount of decision-making and training, the team might be able to pull off a grand slam when they least expect it.

Oct 16, 2020; Arlington, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith (16) celebrates his three run homerun with first base coach George Lombard (92) as he runs the bases against the Atlanta Braves during the sixth inning in game five of the 2020 NLCS at Globe Life Field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

4. Help Build Character

A baseball trainer can help any player find their weaknesses and strengths. They can endow players with confidence and the will to take action and responsibility in times that they are needed. When morale is low, the baseball trainer can help boost the team and help them at least finish the game with their heads held high—not to mention there’s nothing more inspiring than to have your team bounce back after taking a loss, all because you’ve listened to your baseball trainer.

5. Make the Players Value Fitness

To keep everything safe and to avoid any potential injuries, a baseball trainer should be around to brief the team on some of the more in-depth techniques of the game. Like other physical sports out there, baseball is a rigorous, taxing exercise. Base running can improve cardiovascular health, and the pitching and the batting can improve overall muscle strength. Catching, scoring a hit as the batter, and throwing all improve hand-eye coordination. As an extra, since this is an exclusively outdoor sport, players will be able to gain vitamins from the sun’s rays. The trainer should conduct strength exercises, agility drills, and proper stretching in order to develop these abilities as well as ensure that the players do not overextend themselves during play. An upstanding baseball trainer can help players develop healthy routines while still staying safe.

Hey Batter, Batter!

Your team will always need a leader, but it doesn’t have to be a player like yourself. If you’re as inexperienced as the rest of your friends on the team, finding yourself a great baseball trainer should give you the edge you need. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself training amateur teams in the future, too. So, get your uniform and gear together, and get out on the field!

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