Glory 76: Hari vs. Adegbuyi Picks

Glory 76: Hari vs. Adegbuyi Picks


Glory 76: Hari vs. Adegbuyi Picks









Glory Heavyweight Championship Eliminator: Badr Hari (106-15) vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi (34-6)

Luke Irwin: Dating back to 2016, Badr’s fights have gone: Arm injury, No-Contest after testing positive for PEDs, and leg injury. Who the fuck knows WHAT we’re getting. Hesdy has much more natural talent, but who knows if he can stay healthy or off the gas? I’ll go with Hari looking very, very safe to try to get through the bout unharmed and get to another crack at Rico Verhoeven. Hari via SD.








Glory Welterweight Championship: Cedric Doumbe (c) (73-7-1) vs. Karim Ghajji (103-16-1)

Luke: This is a damned shame. We were slated to get Doumbe against Murthel Groenhart, in an actual bad-blood matchup that Glory seldom has. He had to pull out by injury on December 9. We can’t have good things. At 39, Ghajji is slowing down and hasn’t been active in over a year. He was the Bellator Kickboxing welterweight champ a few years back, but aside from that, nothing really of note since 2015, since he lost to Murthel Groenhart for Glory gold. Ghajji had a prime, but we’re not in it. Doumbe via UD.








Glory Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Antonio Plazibat (18-3) vs. Nordine Mahieddine (25-9)

Luke: Plazibat finally took a huge step in his career with he beat Jahfarr Wilnis last December at Glory: Collision 2. He also has a UD win over Mahieddine from June of 2019. Plazibat via UD.








Glory Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Levi Rigters (9-0) vs. Marciano Bhagwandass

Luke: Bhagwandass is stepping in one just a couple days notice to take on the undefeated Rigters. Noble, but Rigters has a ton of momentum right now. Rigters via UD.


2020 Picks Record: 166-77 (67.8%)

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