15 Best Holiday Gifts for Athletes

15 Best Holiday Gifts for Athletes


15 Best Holiday Gifts for Athletes


Every family has that individual who is usually super active and obsessed with sports. In this modern age, where working out is one of the most important elements of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sports has been rooted deep in our cultures. This holiday season is the perfect time to surprise them with a gift that will help them move to the next level. Let’s explore the many options for various sports that could be a perfect gift for your athletic friend or family. 

1. Hydro-flask 

You can literally do anything for some cold water after hours of workout, especially when the sun is hot. Hydro-flasks will keep you water ice cold for hours without the slightest change. They are available in a range of various colors and sizes. Online shopping is the perfect place to choose a suitable size while taking advantage of those online coupons to save some cash.

Feb 29, 2020; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Aliphine Tuliamuk celebrates after winning the women’s race in 2:27:23 during the US Olympic Team Trials marathon. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2. Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb

Apart from a drink of cold water, another thing athletes crave after a vigorous exercise is a nice bath. It feels so relaxing to finally take a shower after a lot of sweating. Trainers insist on hot showers as an essential recovery activity to help soothe your muscles. Get your athlete a CBD Relieve bath bomb to give them a special bath experience this holiday.

3. On Cloud Shoes

If you are looking for quality, then look no further. These shoes have become popular with the athletic community testimony to their quality. Their specs are modified for long workouts. Do online shopping on 6th street and make use of the coupon code on every product to get a discount.

4. Onnit Kettlebells

Available in a variety of styles and weights, these Kettlebells are hot in the market. They require little skill to use. Get these gifts for athletes that suits every age as well as workout drills to help them improve. Online stores are offering great deals this holiday.

5. Infrared Sauna

Most athletes make use of sweat studios after a constructive workout session. If you have the cash and really want to surprise your athlete buy them a home sauna system. If not, you can get them a gift card to a sweat studio to get the experience.

6. Playmaker MVP Wireless Percussion Massager

Recovery is vital for every athlete after a workout. The massage parlor can be a bit expensive sometimes. The Playmaker MVP Wireless provides a deep soothing tissue massage to help your athlete recover. It’s also available at a fair price. Make use of the voucher codes by shopping online to earn great deals while getting value for your money.

7. Apple Watch

This smartwatch has everything to like. The best feature yet for an athlete is its ability to track movement and fitness. Help your athlete to get precise results on their workout by gifting them with a new apple watch.

Feb 25, 2020; Kennesaw, Georgia, USA; Atlanta United forward Josef Martinez (7) collides with FC Motagua goalie Jonathan Rougier (19) while trying to score during the second half at Fifth Third Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

8. Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller

Recoup’s cold roller ball will help catalyze the athlete’s recovery period by supercharged myofascial release. It’s an essential part of many famous athletes recovery kit. Surprise your athlete with one of these this holiday season and help them reach for the stars. They are available on online stores as well where you can use a coupon code to get a discount on the selling price.

9. Gym Bag

A gym bag will help make things easier for your athletic someone. They are designed to fit most of the essential equipment they’ll need to carry to the gym. Some brands even have a place to strap a yoga mat making the workout session much easier. Surprise them with a gym bag to keep them eager for the next workout session every day. They are available in different designs and colors to go with their workout clothes.

10. Comrad Compression Socks

Another essential gear for recovery is the Comrad Compression Socks. They’re great for increasing circulation while still soothing aches and fatigue. They are available in different stylish designs that would be the perfect gift for your athlete this holiday.

11. Ankle Weights 

Encourage your athlete to push for more by getting them ankle weights. They are great for creating a bit of extra resistance when working out or just taking a walk. They are the perfect addition to the other gears and can be easily packed if not in use.

12. Mirror

When working out at home, a Sleek mirror is an essential part of the equipment needed. Shop for a sleek mirror that not only works as a mirror but can also double as a screen giving a ton of live workout classes. It also has a huge library of educative workout classes from experts and converts back to the old mirror at the switch of a button. Give your athlete a step up by gifting them with this workout mirror to help them learn new things and enjoy their workout.

13. ROKA GP-1X Performance Sunglasses

Another crucial gear for working out in the sun is good and efficient sunglasses to protect your eyes. The ROKA GP-1X have a very small frame. Their mirrored lenses do not scratch and barely reflect light. They also don’t catch fog, water or oil and give a clear view when running. You can hardly notice them on your face as they are extremely lightweight. They are the best definition of style and efficiency, which will be a great gift for your athlete.

14. Athlete Cookbooks

For any athlete to get positive results, they need a balanced diet as well. It’s also essential for the recovery process. That athlete in your life needs a cookbook that will help them achieve their target. A healthy meal goes a long way in accelerating the process. They vary from pure vegan meals cooking to all meals recipes.

15. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells 

Most people don’t have a spare room to store a complete weight set. Bowflex Sele£ctTech adjustable dumbbells give a solution to this challenge. It has a mount and dial system that makes it possible to change the weight of the dumbbells up to a maximum of 23 kg. You can pack a set of thirty different weights in a single pair. It will make the workout session easier for your athlete friend or family as there is no need for constant movement like the gym.

All these gifts are a great way to make sure the athlete in your life enjoys this holiday and push their work out to the next level.

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