Joel Embiid was against idea of Sixers hiring Ty Lue

Joel Embiid was against idea of Sixers hiring Ty Lue


Joel Embiid was against idea of Sixers hiring Ty Lue


Ty Lue was one of the hottest names on the head coach market this offseason, but not every big-name player was on board with potentially hiring him, apparently.

The Clippers signed Lue, to replace the void left by Doc Rivers, and the move makes sense from a hiring standpoint. Lue was on Rivers’ staff, so it’s an internal hire that can potentially preserve some continuity. Not only that, Lue has also coached a team to an NBA title in Cleveland, even if a lot of it was led by LeBron James.

Los Angeles was plagued by some major chemistry issues, which was evidenced by their 3-1 second-round series collapse in the bubble, and led to some roster renovations over the past few months. Lue also plans to revamp the offense a bit, as he recently stated he plans to run a version of Phil Jackson’s famous “triangle” offense, getting Kawhi Leonard as many touches as possible.

Lue also interviewed with the Sixers, and apparently, Joel Embiid opposed the team giving him the job, according to a report from Bill Oram of The Athletic. Embiid reportedly was against the hire for schematic reasons, but also for a potential shift in power, as Lue is represented by Rich Paul, and shares the same agent as Ben Simmons.

Embiid got his wish, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Doc Rivers-Daryl Morey era plays out in Philly.


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