Top 5 Adrenaline Rushing activities in Dubai for Adventure Freaks

Top 5 Adrenaline Rushing activities in Dubai for Adventure Freaks


Top 5 Adrenaline Rushing activities in Dubai for Adventure Freaks


The first thing that fascinates Dubai lovers is the skyscraper’s buildings and the golden sand of the Arabian and Safari desert. It is not only the best place to spend vacations but also the preferred destination for the adventure freaks. So, if you love adventure and thinking of visiting Dubai, then go for it. 

Whether it is swimming along with sharks, taking a jump, riding dunes, or enjoying the shiny sand of Safari, Dubai has much to offer for its travelers. The Persian Gulf and the Hajar mountains in the neighborhood provide ample avenues to explore the adventurous side of Dubai. And, the popularity of Dubai’s adventurous side has grown immensely in recent years.  

Top 5 Adrenaline Rushing activities in Dubai for Adventure Freaks

If you are in Dubai and looking for adventurous activities then you are in the right place. We have collected some of the best and thrilling activities you must try with your friends. Also, don’t forget to Rent a car so that you can commute from one place to another at your own pace. 

1- Dubai Museum of Illusions 

Are you a fan of illusions and tricks? If yes, the Dubai Museum of illusions is a must-visit for you. It is one of the biggest museums in the world and located at Al Seef. You can see the 8 different interactive exhibits including Ames room, rotating cylinder, vortex tunnel, and much more. You would be able to appear to shrink or grow depending on your position in the tunnel. The unbelievable view will leave you in awe for days. You can also click some of the best shots for your Instagram and Snapchat. 

2- Skydiving

You can make your skydiving dream come true in Dubai. Enjoy the amazing experience of skydiving by jumping from the plane while enjoying the bird-eye view of the beautiful landscapes, palm island, World islands, and beautiful safari desert. The jump will be from the height of 4000 meters and you can swoop down onto the stunning Dubai landscapes. That’s the adrenaline rushing activity that every adventure-seeking should try at least once in their life. 

3- Safari Desert

If you haven’t tried dune bashing in the Safari desert then you haven’t experienced anything in Dubai yet. It is one of the most popular thrilling activities among the visitors of Dubai. Along with Dune bashing, you can also enjoy many other activities like Camel riding, sandboarding, and motorcycle riding. You can easily rent an SUV or a motorbike for your Safari desert visit. Along with that you can also participate or enjoy many other activities like Belly dancing, BBQ, Buffet, and camping under the stars. 

4- Burj Khalifa Top

Going on the topmost 148th floor of Burj Khalifa is not everyone’s thing. But if you want to try something new and different then you must visit the top floors to experience some breathtaking views of Dubai across the Persian Gulf and deserts. If you will buy the top floor ticket it will provide you to enjoy an open-air terrace experience on the 124th floor. You can even buy the ticket to get VIP access to the higher view from the height of 555 meters. It means you don’t have to wait in a queue and you can also enjoy complimentary coffee and snacks on the 148th floor. To save time and avail discounts, make sure to book tickets online. 

5- Zip Lining at Xline Dubai Marina

If you are looking for extreme adrenaline rushing activities, then you should experience Dubai zip lining. It is the world’s largest urban zipline that stands almost 1860 meters above the ground. It is located at Xline Dubai marina. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view while sliding on the zip line from a height of 170 meters. The speed of this zipline is almost 60 km per hour. The Jebel Jais Flight along with many other beautiful views is worth watching.  


There you go… Here we provide you with the top 5 adventurous activities details that are mostly loved by the travelers like you. You can choose any of these or explore more to find some hidden activities to try in the city of gold. Furthermore, don’t forget to hire a car as companies like RentalcarsUAE offer daily, weekly, and Monthly car rental opportunities for travelers. You can also lease a car if your stay is going to last for months. Happy Traveling!

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