Top tips for building muscle

Top tips for building muscle

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Top tips for building muscle


Have you been working out for months, only to find that the results you want just don’t seem to be emerging? It can be incredibly frustrating when you feel like you’re doing all the right things, and yet you’re just not building muscle in the way you want. Here are some top tips to try. 

Choose the right exercises

Sometimes the answer could be as simple as not including the right exercises in your regime. You should have squats, deadlift and/or a bench press of some form in every single workout as they build strength, condition and bulk. Head to and pick up dumbbells and kettlebells in a range of different weights and make sure you are training at least three times every week. This is the minimum and the more experienced you are, the more time you can add. You want a high volume and medium intensity of exercises. That means a high quantity of sets and reps, and a medium amount of weight. 

Work to almost ‘failure’

The aim should be to tire your muscles out, but not every day. An example would be that with a three-set exercise, you use a heavier weight for 15 reps during the first rep, but for each subsequent set, you reduce by two. Be sure to move your body every day, but don’t exhaust it every day, otherwise, it will not have a chance to grow. Work hard on three days of the week, but try not to let them be consecutive days so your body can repair itself. It’s also vital to get enough sleep as again, that is when your body works to repair your muscles.  

Consider your eating habits

The more protein your body stores, the bigger your muscles will grow, but of course, it’s not as simple as that, because your body is always utilising your protein reserves to use in other processes within the body, which leaves you with less for building muscle. To calculate the amount of protein you personally need, a rule of thumb is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. You should also aim to gain around 1 pound a week by consuming more calories. Opt for around 5-6 smaller meals, rather than three larger ones to ensure your body is getting a constant supply of fuel. Protein drinks are also a must-have, especially before, during or after workouts, but be sure to check the sugar content too. 

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It can be frustrating if you are not getting to where you want to be as quickly as you had hoped. Sometimes it can be that we have set unrealistic goals for ourselves, or that we need to tweak just one small thing about how we are working. Try these tips and if you still aren’t progressing, speak to a personal trainer online to see where things are going wrong, and how you can up your muscle-building game. You’ve got this!

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