The HOVG Podcast: 2020 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)

The HOVG Podcast: 2020 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)

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The HOVG Podcast: 2020 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)


As the calendar changes from 2020 to 2021, it’s crucial to reflect on everything that has happened these past twelve crazy months. Most important…what were the top ten listened to episodes of The Hall of Very Good Podcast?

Here you go!

10. Fergie Jenkins (Episode 214)

The 1991 Hall of Fame inductee talks to the boys about his time playing for the Harlem Globetrotters (and his relationship with one of their legends…the late, great Curly Neal), shares his excitement over another Canadian joining him in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and recalls that time he gave Madison Bumgarner a lesson in autograph etiquette.

9. Tim Mead (Episode 201)

The president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum talks to the boys about his forty years with the Anaheim Angels organization and his favorite memories while working for the team, how he got the gig in Cooperstown, his favorite piece in the museum and whether or not he’ll try and get Albert Pujols to wear an Angels cap on his HOF plaque.

8. Kevin Malone with Dan Evans (Episode 204)

The former general manager for the Montréal Expos and Los Angeles Dodgers talks to the boys about Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame induction, how he ended up with the Expos and that time he drafted a catcher named Tom Brady out of Junípero Serra High School in San Mateo, California, who just so happened to grow up to be the greatest quarterback of all-time.

7. Phil S. Dixon (Episode 205)

The author and baseball historian talks to the boys about co-founding the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Rube Foster, Buck O’Neil’s chances at making the Hall of Fame in 2021 and, of course, his latest book about the Dean Brothers and their role in helping integrate baseball.

6. Janet Marie Smith (Episode 231)

The new Los Angeles Dodgers executive vice president and renowned ballpark architect talks to the boys about being rejected by and then designing Camden Yards for the Baltimore Orioles, the difference between building a stadium from the ground up and renovating one that’s been standing for almost a century and what baseball fans can expect when they return to Chavez Ravine.

What else made the list? Click HERE for the five most listened to episodes of 2020.

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