4 Tips That You Can Use to Be a Better Fisher

4 Tips That You Can Use to Be a Better Fisher


4 Tips That You Can Use to Be a Better Fisher


Fishing is not an easy thing. In fact, a lot of fishers early on struggle with catching a fish or making any catch at all. Those who are novices at fishing will find that there is a bit of a learning curve that comes with being outdoors, out at sea, in the middle of a large body of water, with a fishing line that isn’t tugging. Whether it’s inshore fishing they are partaking in, or offshore fishing, both these types of fishing are pretty tricky to master. This is why this article will help provide the best advice and tips on how you can become a better fisher. Here are 4 tips that you can use to be a better fisher.

Mar 1, 2019; Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA; A double-crested cormorant eats a fish in a pond outside of the tenth fairway during the second round of The Honda Classic golf tournament at PGA National (Champion). Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

#4- Always Come Prepared 

The first rule of the sea is that you should always come prepared. Why? Because if you aren’t, then it will be pretty hard to circle back and go get what you forgot behind. So being prepared is essential because you need everything to be on hand when you are sailing out to sea. Have a checklist of items before you head out to your offshore fishing trip, and make sure to check them off one by one. A well-prepared fisherman would have all of their fishing gear, bait, safety items like lifejackets and first aid kits, and sunscreen. You should also bring along with your food and lots of water. 

#3- Plan Ahead

Before you set off fishing, you need to plan well ahead. A reason why you need to plan ahead is because you want to anticipate how the day will be like on the day you plan on going fishing. Will the weather be bright and calm, or will you be engulfed with storms? Are you headed out to where you’ll find a bunch of other sailors there? Or will the waters be free for you to fish in peace? Knowing all these details will help you plan your output that day, and allow you to catch more fish!

Feb 3, 2018; Gangneung-si, KOR; A man fishes near the Fire Arts Festa on Gyeongpo Beach by the Sea of Japan in Gangneung-si, South Korea.
The display of various sculptures that line a long stretch of the beach are on display through February 25 and every Saturday three of the sculptures will be burned at night according to a festival organizer who was at the beach on Saturday afternoon.
Mandatory Credit: Eric Seals-USA TODAY Sports

#2- Use a Colorful Line

Sometimes the small details can go a long way. If you are using a transparent line, or a line that has the same color as the ocean, it will be difficult to track the location of your line. That’s why using a colorful line will come in handy, especially considering that in fishing precision is everything.  Lose the transparent lines and opt for more colorful, visible fishing lines.

#1- Practice Makes Perfect

Ultimately what’s going to make you a better fisher is practice, practice, practice. Practicing on your technique, how you throw the line, and you reel in a catch, will all go a long way in bolding your fishing technique and help you catch more fish. Practicing a lot will also help you know more about the different parts where you can catch fish. Practice will also help you get acquainted with the different types of fish, and where you can find each of them.

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