4 Low-Impact Sport Exercises to Try in 2021

4 Low-Impact Sport Exercises to Try in 2021

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4 Low-Impact Sport Exercises to Try in 2021


With a new year comes new opportunities to perfect your body and try new sports and exercise. Countless people make pledges to start each new year off right – whether by eating better, exercising more, or simply improving themselves in any number of ways. 

For those seeking to be more active and healthier, trying out a new sport or exercise that is enjoyable can be a great way to maximize the chances of sticking with the habit. 

Yet not everybody can engage in incredibly strenuous or high-impact exercise activities. For those wanting to get active but not cause excessive strain on their joints and bones, low-impact exercise is the way to go. Here are four low-impact activities that anybody can try this year to get in shape and be more active.

Roller Skating

Few people can say they don’t have fond memories of skating at a roller rink when they were children. Yet many abandon this activity as they get older. Roller skating can be a very fun activity that creates minimal impact on joints and still keeps you in shape!

Picking up a pair of roller skates is easy enough, as newer, high-quality options exist at low prices. Both indoor and outdoor roller skating opportunities abound. Whether it be at a park or along a sidewalk or at your local skating facility, one hour of roller skating can burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories per hour depending on the exact level of activity.


Those with notoriously bad joint pain and difficulties with mobility have to be creative with sports activities and exercise. Thankfully, one prime opportunity to try in 2021 that balances these concerns is swimming!

While it may not be possible to engage in this activity year-round (unless you have access to an indoor or heated pool), swimming allows practically anybody to exercise their muscles and enjoy themselves with minimal strain on joints. Vigorous swimming can burn up to 600 calories per hour, while more leisurely aquatic activity can burn anywhere from 200-350 calories per hour (click here to find out how many calories you can burn while swimming).


Tense muscles, inflexibility, and general stiffness can plague our quality of life on a daily basis. This is why people of all ages and health conditions are increasingly embracing yoga as a form of physical activity. Putting minimal strain on joints when using the proper techniques, yoga (particularly gentle yoga and aerial yoga) allows increased blood flow and flexibility without endangering your body.

Many people tout the benefits of yoga. From less stress and a more relaxed mindset to less pain and inflammation, millions of people regularly use yoga to improve their day-to-day lives. This sporting activity in 2021 might just be the right low-impact solution for you: why not give it a try?


Throughout the cooler months, skiing is definitely a worthwhile sporting activity to consider. By placing minimal force on your joints, this low-impact activity combines health benefits with the treat of being outdoors in beautiful, pristine locales. 

Jan 21, 2020; Lausanne, SWITZERLAND; Nikolai Holmboe NOR celebrates after winning Cross-Country in the Nordic Combined Mixed Team Cross Country Skiing at Vallee de Joux Cross-Country Centre. The Winter Youth Olympic Games. Mandatory Credit: Simon Bruty/OIS Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

While skiing isn’t possible everywhere, the occasional trip to a nearby mountain during the winter months can be a great way to vary up your exercise routines and enjoy healthy activity without risking long-term damage to your knees and joints.

There are plenty of unique sports and exercises that can be tried this year that don’t cause pain or damage to your legs, feet and joints. These four examples are just a few of the many possibilities awaiting you in 2021 and beyond. Why not give one of them a go?

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