Art Shamsky Joins Our Little Podcast

Art Shamsky Joins Our Little Podcast


Art Shamsky Joins Our Little Podcast


Hello friends.

Just wanted to jump here to let you know that my little podcast project, The Burgerball Podcast, has kicked off Season 3. I wouldn’t normally make a big deal about it here with a separate post (although I probably should because people tell me I don’t market myself enough), but our Season 3 kickoff features a very special guest.

Art has a great podcast of his own: “The Art Shamsky Podcast”, which you should totally check out when you are finished listening to ours. Art was incredible as he discussed his podcast, being teammates with Pete Rose and Tom Seaver, the state of the game today, and a really great Nolan Ryan story is included too.

I promise you will not be disappointed. Please check out our Season 3 premiere with Art Shamsky on The Burgerball Podcast, and then go check out “The Art Shamsky Podcast” on Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

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