‘AEW Dynamite’ (1/27/21) Results And Review: Shaq Throws Out A Challenge For Cody, Bullet Club Reunion Tag Match, And More

‘AEW Dynamite’ (1/27/21) Results And Review: Shaq Throws Out A Challenge For Cody, Bullet Club Reunion Tag Match, And More

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‘AEW Dynamite’ (1/27/21) Results And Review: Shaq Throws Out A Challenge For Cody, Bullet Club Reunion Tag Match, And More


AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. The show featured a big 8 man tag match as The Young Bucks and Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers facing The Dark Order. Also Cody Rhodes confronts Shaq, Sting and Darby Allin talk about their match against FTW at AEW Revolution, Eddie Kingston took on Lance Archer and the official Inner Circle tag team Chris Jericho and MJF battle the Hollywood Blondes.

Eddie Kingston Defeated Lance Archer

Butcher and Blade took Lance down with their tag finisher after the match. Eddie landed another back fist to the face of Lance.

Jon Moxley in a video promo talked about Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks being one happy family. He said he is a simple guy who likes to have sex in the morning and only trusts his right and left hand. He loves a good 6 man tag and he can’t wait to team up with Pac and Fenix at Bash At The Beach.

Sting and Darby Allin appeared in a video promo. Sting mentioned that Taz called them hoodlums. Darby said it doesn’t matter if they fight clean or dirty, it’s about survival. Darby and Sting broke through windows with the skateboard and baseball bat. They claim they are hoodlums and it will be showtime at Revolution.

MJF before the tag match against the Hollywood Blondes trash talks Griff Garrison saying he has beaten him already and just give it up already. Griff attacked him to start the match.

Chris Jericho and MJF Defeated The Hollywood Blondes

Pac was in a video promo saying that Omega acts like he owns the place and manipulating people. He tells him that his team will make Omega face the consequences.

Shaq appeared in a video saying if Cody wants a fight, he’ll fight him, He calls him a little girl and he’ll fight him in March.

Tony Schiavone introduces Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson to the ring. Tony mentioned what Jade Cargill had to say to Cody last week and what Shaq had to say to him. Cody says he would love to do a mix tag and team with Brandi against Shaq and Jade but Brandi is pregnant. Cody says Arn has chewed him out for giving Peter Avalon too much offense last week and had Arn give his thoughts. Arn tells Cody that he is going to be a dad and that should be important. Arn mentioned Dusty going right on a plane after a match with Tully to see Cody’s birth and he should face Shaq at Revolution. He says Shaq dominated his sport and proved he is a world class athlete. He said Jade probably dominates as well. He brings Red Velvet out to the ring and Arn says she has the same fire as Cody. Red says she is fed up of getting attacked by Jade Cargill. She said Cody won’t lay a hand to Jade but she will and she will stir Jade up. Tony says that the ball is in Jade and Shaq’s court and the segment ends.

A highlight package to promote Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford’s wedding next week is shown. They are excited for the wedding. They said everyone is invited. Miro said he will be bringing his butler Charles Taylor with him as well.

Hangman Adam Page Defeated Ryan Nemeth

Page spotted Matt Hardy who was at ringside watching the match. Tony Schiavone asks about this confrontation with the two of them. Hardy said he supports Page and is concerned. He says Page seems lost and knows how much love he got from the Elite. He said he doesn’t want anything from him but Adam deserves to be happy. He mentions that Adam gets dressed by himself near catering and he is more than welcome to be in the same locker room as him. Hardy left the ring as Page looked conflicted.

A video promo of Jungle Boy and Dax Harwood is shown as they talk about FTR being handcuffed to Luchasaurus during the match so that nobody could interfere. Dax said he doesn’t like that they are being handcuffed like prisoners and Jungle Boy said he wants to make sure it is a fair fight.

Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard get handcuffed to Luchasaurus outside the ring.

Jungle Boy Defeated Dax Harwood

Tully threw powder into Luchasaurus’ eyes and sent him into the post. FTR double teamed Jungle Boy in the ring. FTR and Tully pile drove Luchasaurus into the mat. They handcuffed Luchasaurus to the ropes and cut off the horns on his mask. They were about to cut Jungle Boy’s hair until Marko Stunt and SCU came to his aid. FTR and Tully escaped the ring and left.

Taz and FTW show up in a video promo saying that they will destroy Darby and Sting at Revolution. They noticed that the merchandise table had Darby Allin gear but not theirs. They attack the people at the merchandise table. Taz said this what happens when people disrespect them. They attack the people and send one of them through the table. Taz said they are going to beat Sting and Darby’s asses in the street fight.

Britt Baker Defeated Shanna

Baker continued to assault Shanna by giving her the curb stomp and putting the Lockjaw on her. Thunder Rosa came out and chased her away from ringside.

MJF was looking for Sammy backstage. He founds him and tells Sammy he didn’t ask Wardlow to get involved last week. Sammy said he is not fooling him and knows exactly what he is doing. MJF asked if he is sure he wants to play this way. Sammy tells him that he is not playing. They go face to face and MJF walks away.

Dasha interviewed The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks. They ask them about their reunion and The Good Brothers said it feels good to have the Bullet Club back together. They said they will beat up Moxley next week as well. The Young Bucks said they are pumped but they are not thrilled with the association with Don Callis. The Good Brothers mentioned Don bringing up the idea of beating up Penta for them and The Bucks said they didn’t ask them to do that. Omega came in and tells The Bucks they got to talk after the match. Don Callis came in with a bandage on his face. Don accuses them of attacking him last week. The Bucks call him a liar and try to take the bandage off but Omega separates them. The Bucks music hit and they made their way to the ring.

The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers Defeated The Dark Order

The Bucks went on the mic to say they will be in the tag team battle royal next week and if they win, they can pick the team to face them for the titles at Revolution. They tease that they might face The Good Brothers. They “Too Sweet” each other. Fenix came out and attacked them. The Good brothers tried the Magic Killer on Fenix but Fenix countered them. Moxley came out and helped Fenix. Omega came out and was about to attack Moxley but Moxley saw him coming, planting him with the Paradigm Shift. The show ended with Moxley and Fenix celebrating in the ring.

Overall Review: This was a better show than last week. For the most part a real solid show. I liked that they did something different with Darby and Sting instead of them coming out to the ring with the snow effect and scaring away Team Taz. Team Taz’s promo with them beating up the merchandise crew was cool, at least they were trying to be bad asses here. Matt Hardy trying to recruit Adam Page is interesting so I’ll see where it goes from there. The match with Jericho and MJF was designed to establish them being the Inner Circle tag team and I predicted in my mind that they might win it, that was until they announced The Bucks were in it but they might still do that. I did like the match between Dax and Jungle Boy. It surprised the hell out of me with their chemistry but I think the match went on way too long especially with what FTR was going to do after the match. I’m not too big on Cody having a rivalry with Shaq and the promo with him, Arn and Red Velvet taking Brandi’s spot for Revolution was pretty good but it really didn’t help me get excited about this feud. The opening match I thought was really good. I’m not a fan of Lance Archer losing and getting beaten up the way he did but I guess they needed to give him some sympathy so this was the way to do it. I think Lance should’ve won then get beaten down by Butcher, Blade and Kingston but that’s just me. Overall though, it was a good solid show to sit through.

Grade: 6/10


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