Glory 77 Picks

Glory 77 Picks


Glory 77 Picks



Heavyweight Tournament Finals:

Luke Irwin: Verhoeven over Rigters via UD.









Undisputed Glory Light Heavyweight Championship: Artem Vakhitov (c) (20-5) vs. Alex Pereira (ic) (41-6)

Luke: Both fighters are on eight-fight winning streaks, with Pereira never even losing the middleweight championship. As evenly-matched as we can get. Despite moving up in weights, Pereira will have a decidedly huge height and reach advantage and has considerably more pop in his hands and legs. Vakhitov is an incredibly smart fighter, and I think he’ll give Pereira trouble, but Pereira will put Vakhitov on the canvas enough to bank a victory. Pereira via UD.









Undisputed Glory Welterweight Championship: Cedric Doumbe (c) (74-7-1) vs. Murthen Groenhart (69-24-3)

Luke: Glory tends not to delve into the war-of-words to sell fights and their rivalries seldom go beyond competitiveness, but this matchup is actually pretty spicy. Toss in that it’s a trilogy fight and we have a real rivalry, here. They split a pair of decisions in 2016 and 17, and the argument can be made that it’s past Groenhart’s time, but 2017 wasn’t THAT long ago. The problem is, that was Groenhart’s last big win, with two losses when he faced competitive fighters after his Doumbe win. Doumbe via UD.









Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Hesdy Gerges (51-19-1) vs. Rico Verhoeven (56-10)

Luke: Gerges can talk all the shit he wants, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s already lost to Rico twice and especially won’t that he’s being watched extra closely for PEDs after testing positive in his last Glory fight. Verhoeven via UD.









Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Levi Rigters (11-0) vs. Tarik Khbabez (46-6-1)

Luke: Rigters is riding high after winning a Glory heavyweight tournament in December. Khbabez is a hell of a fighter and banked wins over Braddock Silva and Andrei Stoica in 2019, but didn’t fight at all in 2020, and he’s facing someone with the exact opposite of ring rust.  Rigters via UD.









Glory Women’s Super Bantamweight Championship: Tiffany van Soest (c) (22-6-2) vs. Aline Pereira (6-1)

Luke: Pereira is a fine fighter, but the division is still just TvS and Anissa Meksen. The division depth and talent just isn’t quite there yet. van Soest via UD.









Light Heavyweight Bout: Donegi Abena (15-6) vs. Luis Tavares (62-8)

Luke: Tavares via UD.

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