Vaping and Athletic Performance: What You Should Know

Vaping and Athletic Performance: What You Should Know

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Vaping and Athletic Performance: What You Should Know


Generally, anyone who wants to excel in sports, whether you’re only keeping fit or on a professional level, shouldn’t engage in addictive habits like smoking. However, smoking is now an everyday habit, even among professional athletes. Fortunately, experts argue that vaping is a better alternative, although it exposes you to unknown risks.

Moreover, there are over 7,000 types of vape e-liquids in the market. Therefore, it is easy to access, especially with cheap e-liquid available in the market. Besides, vaping has many benefits for athletes, and that’s why various athletes have embraced it to boost their performance levels.

Vaping vape juices like CBD can fuel you to perform on higher levels. This is also a good article for those athletes smoking cigarettes because we could finally help you shift to vaping.

This is what you should know about vaping and athletic performance.

Benefits of Vaping to Athletes

Better mood

The pleasure sensors in your brain are triggered by nicotine to release dopamine. This is the chemical that makes you feel good. On top of that, it enhances your motivation and focus. Furthermore, many athletes perform poorly when their mood is low. Therefore, vapes before any sport give the athletes a better perspective that helps them gain success.

More energy

Since nicotine is a stimulant, people who smoke cigarettes or vape observe energy improvement after consumption. Nicotine raises your heart rate, which allows your nervous system to enhance your physical levels. That’s why vaping before a game gives you the buzz and energy needed to play the game.

Enhanced stamina

Vaping can also increase your stamina. Due to nicotine’s effects on your nervous system, any athlete feels less tired even after prolonged physical activity. Therefore, frequent vaping keep your energy high throughout the day.

Smoking Cigarettes and Vaping for Athletes

If you smoke cigarettes switching to vaping can benefit you greatly. Although both vaping products and cigarettes contain nicotine, cigarettes contain other harmful chemicals that can destroy your health. Vaping offers the best way to control nicotine intake.

One of the significant effects of smoking cigarettes is reduced lung capacity. This will favorably affect the athletic performance or even destroy the career. On the other hand, vape doesn’t contain tar; the chemical causes low lung functioning. So, it will be for your good to shift to vaping because you can take deep breaths while gaming.

Things you Should Know About Vaping

1. Dehydration

Excess vaping makes you feel dehydrated due to the contents of these e-liquid products. However, there’s a remedy for it. All you should do is increase your water intake if you vape. You should always have water around you to keep you appropriately hydrated throughout.

2. Nicotine level

If you’re new to vaping, it’s always good to first experiment before settling on the perfect nicotine level. Fortunately, e-liquids and e-juices products are available in a broader range of nicotine strengths.

Everyone reacts to nicotine differently. If you are highly sensitive to nicotine, vape juices with extreme nicotine concentration can make you feel generally unwell, jittery, and dizzy.

It’s better to start with a lower concentration of nicotine and increase it slowly. You can also enquire from the vape shop the right nicotine strength for you.

3. Throat irritation

Although vaping has positive impacts on athletes, you should remember that when you take it excessively, it causes adverse effects. Frequent vaping may result in throat irritation for some people.

However, it largely depends on the kind of device and vape juice you are using. Unfortunately, once your throat is irritated, it results in coughing, making it difficult to take deep breaths while sporting.

4. Body inflammation and irritation

E-cigarettes mostly contain aerosol particles like propylene glycol and glycerol. These two components are irritants and are also included in vape. It is not easy to notice initially, but with time your body accumulates such particles that may result in irritation in your respiratory tract. But you can minimize these effects by limiting your dosage.

5. It affects wound healing

Just like smoking, vaping will affect your blood flow and other body functions, such as the natural body healing process. If you are going to have surgery, you should stop vaping for a while as it might increase the complication risks.


Globally, tobacco consumption has not been banned strictly in the sports community. Therefore, athletes are free to choose whether to vape and smoke cigarettes or not. This is because science hasn’t provided any concrete answers on the effects of nicotine.

Although the choice is yours, vaping is ultimately the best way to unwind. Monitoring your nicotine intake is easy when vaping, plus you can even get nicotine-free vape juices.

As much as vaping can help boost your athletic performance, it can also derail it when abused. Before you add any new substance to your routine, make sure to consult an expert on the best approach.

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