The Monday Bulletin

The Monday Bulletin


The Monday Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the week that was.


Biggest Upset: Jose de Jesus Macias +900 over Steven Butler


Notable New Champions:

  • WBC Francophone/NABA/NABF Middleweight Champion: Jose de Jesus Macias
  • WBA “Regular” World Heavyweight Champion: Trevor Bryan
  • Fight To Win Women’s Black Belt Lightweight No-Gi Champion: Rafaela Guedes
  • Fight To Win Women’s Black Belt Bantamweight No-Gi Champion: Tubby Alequin
  • Fight To Win Women’s Black Belt Featherweight No-Gi Champion: Luanna Alzuguir
  • Oktagon MMA Lightweight Champion: Ivan Buchinger
  • IBF World Female Junior Bantamweight Champion: Micaela Milagros Lujan
  • KSW Featherweight Champion: Daniel Torres
  • Undisputed Glory Light Heavyweight Champion: Alex Pereira
  • Undisputed Glory Welterweight Champion: Cedric Doumbe


A Few Storylines Going Forward:

  1. “Celebrity” Boxing: Well, it was finally confirmed last week. We’re getting Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, because nothing really matters anymore. But hell, if Paul inspires some youngsters to really give the sweet science a go and a few of them actually fall in love with it, maybe it’s a net positive?
  2. The Huntington Beach Impeach: You’ll never believe this, but perhaps Tito Ortiz isn’t qualified for public office, as he’s being considered for removal.
  3. The Flying Dutchman: After Jamal Ben Saddik had to withdraw from his title fight challenging Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven, Rico was put in a four-man heavyweight tournament at Glory 77 that he proceeded to waltz through, not losing a single round. Aside from the injury and trouble-prone Badr Hari, there’s not much competition left for Rico at the kickboxing level.

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