Super Bowl LV Will Be Watched By Millions Of Fans

Super Bowl LV Will Be Watched By Millions Of Fans


Super Bowl LV Will Be Watched By Millions Of Fans


Over 100 Million Fans Will Watch Super Bowl LV 

This Sunday over 100 Million sports fans will tune into the NFL’s Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs & Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As a result, a ton of game day and prop wagers will be placed throughout various casinos and on-line sports books.  

The American Gaming Association estimated that a total of $6 billion was wagered on Super Bowl LIV. However, this year is going to be little different.

COVID-19 has impacted consumer spending habits. As a result, estimates show that the total amount wagered during Super Bowl LV will be lower than that of Super Bowl LIV. – Giving Diehard & Casual Sports Fans an Opportunity to Compete During Super Bowl LV.

StatementGames Inc. is a FREE 2 Play sports gaming platform that has invented a NEW form of Fantasy Sports.  It is a great way for diehard and casual NFL fans to play fantasy football without spending any money. The one minute overview video found on (a recommendation) will give you firm understanding of how to play. The game incorporates strategy and simplicity.

Feb 4, 2021; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich during NFL football practice, Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021 in Tampa, Fla. The Buccaneers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Zedaker/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Before getting started you will want to preview “The Big Game”.

Upon logging into the StatementGames platform, go ahead and join a Super Bowl LV contest. Once you have done this you will want to complete the following steps:

  1. Review a list of Game & Team Player props for Super Bowl LV

    Examples –
    Patrick Mahomes OVER / UNDER 27.5 Completions
    Tom Brady OVER / UNDER 295.5 Yards Passing
    Travis Kelce OVER / UNDER 94.5 Receiving Yards
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense OVER / UNDER 2.5 Sacks

  2. As you review a list of 55 Statements, go ahead and pick 10 picks
  3. Rank your picks in order of confidence with #10 being your most confident Pick and #1 being your least confident pick.  
  4. Select Save.  

As Super Bowl LV plays out, should your #10 pick become correct you will receive 10 points.  If #9 through #1 are incorrect, you will now only have 10 points. You will play in leagues of 8-12 other players and the person with the most points from correct picks WINS. 

You will earn credits by finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any contest you play in. Players have the ability to exchange their coins for cash REWARDS at any time. Over 80 popular retailers to choose from. 

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