'Monday Night Raw' (2/8/21) Results And Review: WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match Announced, Edge Gives 'WrestleMania' Update, And More

'Monday Night Raw' (2/8/21) Results And Review: WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match Announced, Edge Gives 'WrestleMania' Update, And More

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'Monday Night Raw' (2/8/21) Results And Review: WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match Announced, Edge Gives 'WrestleMania' Update, And More


Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg Florida with virtual fans in attendance. How would Drew McIntyre confront Sheamus after the Brogue Kick to Drew last week? Did Edge make his decision on who he will face at WrestleMania?

The show kicked off with Adam Pearce in the ring. He welcomed everyone to the show and welcomed back Shane McMahon. Shane made his way down to the ring. Shane said he is glad to be back. They both share that Drew will defend the WWE title inside the Elimination Chamber. Shane asks who else will be competing in it. Adam names the other participants: Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz and Sheamus. Shane tells Adam he is doing an amazing job and thanks him. Shane leaves the ring. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring as he passes by Shane. AJ gives Adam credit for putting together the match. AJ mentions that Drew has a big chance of losing the title and claims himself as a future WWE Champion. He says he always thought Adam was a dumbass and tells him that he is going to give him a taste of what he’ll do in the Elimination Chamber. Jeff Hardy came out for his match with AJ.

Shane goes to his car until Drew McIntyre comes up to him. He said he thought he was going to face Sheamus one on one at Elimination Chamber. Shane said he will get his one on one against Sheamus but nothing is bigger than Drew defending the title inside the Chamber. Shane said the Chamber is the place to prove himself. Shane gets in the car and leaves.

AJ Styles Defeated Jeff Hardy

A recap of Bobby Lashley assaulting Riddle was shown.

Riddle came up to Keith Lee backstage. Lee points out the black eye that Riddle. Riddle said he went home, got toasted and watched Air Bud. Lee tells Riddle if he really think it’s wise to continue going after Lashley when the Hurt Business is beating him down. Riddle said all he wants to do is win the U.S. title. Lee said it’s time for someone new to win the U.S. title and that’s him. Riddle said may the best man win as he leaves.

Sheamus confronted Adam Pearce about competing in the Chamber and not facing Drew one on one. He accuses Adam of saying that he is not a draw. He said Drew would be nothing without and it’s fine if he wants to stack the odds against him because he will unleash brutality on every star in the Chamber.

The New Day Defeated Retribution

Ric Flair came out to the ring along with Lacey Evans.

Damien Priest and Bad Bunny reflected on how much of a clown they made Miz and Morrison look last week. Damien said Bunny will be in his corner tonight.

Flair and Evans were in the ring. Flair said he doesn’t take orders from any woman especially his daughter. He said we know Charlotte doesn’t need him but he has some needs too. He said he found someone that has all the physical qualifications to be a star. He said he is going to train her and she will be the next Raw Women’s Champion. She said Ric is cute but respects him. She said she treats him like the living legend he is unlike Charlotte. She is disgusted by the way Charlotte treats Ric. Charlotte came down to the ring and said if Lacey wanted to learn she should go to the Performance Center. She tells Ric that she never said she never wanted to help but she has been trying to protect his legacy. Lacey said she just wants to learn from Ric and wants to work together. She said she would be a better teammate than Asuka. Charlotte said she could do it on her own and Asuka will always be her partner. Lacey said her sight is on the Raw Women’s Championship. Lacey said if she beats Charlotte, she’ll be next in line to face Asuka. Charlotte said she wants the match now. Lacey lands a right hand on Charlotte and throws Lacey into the steps. Lacey said she accepts the match. They go to commercial break.

Miz and Morrison are shown going over strategy with Angel Garza for his match with Damien Priest.

Lacey Evans Defeated Charlotte Flair By DQ

Charlotte kept beating up Lacey in the corner until Ric stopped it. Charlotte left the ring as Ric helped Lacey up.

Edge came out to the ring. He says last week has been an amazing week for him. He says he came to Raw to settle his rivalry with Randy Orton and visited NXT and SmackDown. He says he knows Balor is champion, Roman is champion but he doesn’t know who will be WWE Champion after Elimination Chamber. He said he will wait for the dust to settle after Elimination Chamber to make his decision. Miz, Morrison and Angel Garza interrupted saying Edge has always been the ultimate opportunist. Miz said he has been more of a strategy guy. He said he could possibly cash in on Edge if he wins the WWE title. Edge said he is the guy that put the briefcase on the map and knows he will have eyes in the back of his head. He said Miz told him what he is going to do and Miz needs to worry about the Chamber and Bad Bunny. Edge said he needs to be champion and leaves the ring.

Damien Priest Defeated Angel Garza

Charly Caruso interviewed Drew McIntyre backstage asking about the Elimination Chamber. He said expect the unexpected for WrestleMania season. He said all Sheamus had to do was ask for a title shot. He said he’s got Randy tonight, Sheamus, Edge, Elimination Chamber, Miz and all these things backing him to a corner. He said he will become more dangerous than ever when he is back into a corner and he will rip everyone’s heads off.

Charly announced that it will be Lacey Evans and Asuka for the Women’s title at Elimination Chamber. She interviewed Bianca Belair about the match and she said she proved to the world that she is the best. She said she won’t reveal who she will face but she will have to beat the best at WrestleMania. Asuka interrupted congratulating her for the Rumble win but she won’t be ready for Asuka. Bianca said Lacey won’t be ready for Asuka but if Asuka is successful at Elimination Chamber she’ll probably show up on Raw more often to face her.

Keith Lee Defeated Riddle

Lee helped Riddle up and show respect. Bobby Lashley attacked Lee from behind. Lashley picked up Lee and threw him down. Lashley put Riddle in the Hurt Lock. Lashley continued to attack Lee outside the ring. Lashley took Lee out with the steel steps as Lee went bouncing off the announce table.

A highlight package of Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton’s history is shown.

Randy Orton cut a video promo backstage saying that him and Drew have unfinished business. He said he will take back the WWE title inside the Elimination Chamber. He said the title means everything to him and Drew will get reintroduced to the Legend killer tonight. He claims he will walk into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion.

Lana Defeated Nia Jax In The Tables Match

Shayna Baszler attacked Lana from behind but Naomi landed a springboard kick, knocking her out of the ring.

Naomi Defeated Shayna Baszler

They showed the history of the Elimination Chamber match.

Randy Orton Defeated Drew McIntyre By DQ

Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicked Orton as he went for Drew. Drew knocked him out with the Claymore Kick. Drew stood tall with the WWE title as the night ended.

Overall Review: It wasn’t a bad show and I’ll admit it was an easier 3 hour show to sit through than most nights but it wasn’t all too perfect. The matches were average to really good. The best match on the show for me was Keith Lee and Riddle. Those two really had great chemistry especially afterwards with Lashley coming out to beat down the both of them. The matches tonight to build up Elimination Chamber were pretty good but nothing spectacular. The storyline with Charlotte, Lacey and Ric was what it was. It’s kind of crazy to think that this storyline is getting more time than Asuka who is the champion. Why she not getting the most attention but the whole Flair storyline is? It just doesn’t sit right with me especially with the fact that Asuka has been carrying the top spot through out the entire pandemic with Becky Lynch gone and Charlotte being gone for the time the time she was not on TV. The Tables match with Lana and Nia Jax wasn’t the best in terms of in ring action but Nia’s commentary throughout the match was really entertaining. I laughed when she was making the King Kong reference and when she screamed “My Hole!” after she leg dropped the ring apron. Edge’s update was what I expected it to be. I didn’t think he was making his announcement yet nor she should.

Grade: 6/10


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