Physical Activity to Improve Erectile Function

Physical Activity to Improve Erectile Function

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Physical Activity to Improve Erectile Function


No man is characterized by his ED problems, it is an extremely common disorder among the male population around the world. Medication such as Viagra may be a fast cure, but it can never treat the root source of the issue. There are a number of different ways to conquer your erectile issues, and these exercises are a fantastic way to start, particularly because Kegel exercises can be done practically almost anywhere.

How are the pelvic floor exercises working?

The pelvic muscles are basically a sling-shaped segment of muscles that stretches between your pubic bone in the front of your body and your tail bone in the back. Although most of us equate pelvic floor exercises (also known as “Kegel exercises”) with women, men also gain from pelvic floor muscle training for extra strength and power. 

Although you might not notice it, you also use your pelvic floor muscles during the day. When you pee, loosen your pelvic floor muscles enough to clench them when you finish to reduce the leakage of urine. The pelvic floor muscles also help to regulate the intestines.

Your pelvic floor muscles also play a part in helping you build and sustain erection—one explanation that exercising them can be a fantastic way to control and cure erectile dysfunction.

Sep 18, 2018; Oakland, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Shohei Ohtani (17) participates in stretching exercises before the game against the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Could pelvic floor exercises avoid erectile dysfunction?

Science indicates that pelvic floor exercises will have a positive effect on the ability to get and keep an erection. However, you do not think about pelvic workouts as a 100 percent solution for ED.

Erectile dysfunction may arise for a number of causes, from physical (high blood pressure, age or hormonal) to psychological. Much of the time, pelvic floor workouts will be one aspect of successful ED therapy, coupled with other care methods such as ED drugs.

As well as theoretically enhancing the consistency of your orgasm, pelvic floor workouts may provide a number of other advantages. Many men experience improved bladder function after incorporating pelvic floor exercises into their everyday routine; some also report more frequent orgasms.

Since pelvic floor exercises only require a few minutes a day and can be completed quickly when watching TV or using a tablet, there are a few excuses not to incorporate them to your erectile dysfunction prevention schedule.

Starting with the basics

To start with, you are going to want to recognize the pelvic floor muscles (the lower pelvis) since these are the muscles you are going to improve in an effort to treat your erectile dysfunction. The best way to find the correct muscles is to interrupt the flow when urinating – the muscles you clench to do this are the exact muscles you use to workout.

To do a Kegel exercise rep, you may want to contract your muscles, keep it for five seconds, then relax. Repeat this step 10 to 20 times, two to three times a day.

The greatest aspect of this exercise is that you can perform it practically everywhere! While you are at college, lying in bed, in the ride, it all operates. It may even be useful to do it in various places to see what fits well for you. You might not be able to reach 10 Kegel reps right away, but that is good as long as you stick to it and gradually get to work on that goal.

If you have time and room, we have provided a video to assist with a few more difficult pelvic floor activation routines.

Triggering of the pelvic floor sitting

Sit back with your arms on the sides and your knees flat on the surface, hip-width apart. Trigger the pelvic floor muscles for a count of three and unlock them for a count of three. Ensure that the muscles of the stomach, buttocks, and legs do not contract.

Triggering of pelvic floor standing

Stand upright with your arms to the sides and your hip-width knees apart. Using the above procedure, trigger the pelvic floor muscles for a count of three and release for a count of three. Ensure that the muscles of the stomach, buttocks, and legs do not contract. 

Feb 20, 2019; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees players go through stretching exercises during spring training workouts at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports


When you learn and feel familiar with the muscles with which you are exercising, you may want to change it up and drive yourself a little harder. Another set of workouts ideal to improve the pelvic floor and overcome any erectile dysfunction issues you might have is pilates or aerobics.


Standing upright with your hip-width legs separated, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and bend your knees as though you were seated while holding your upper body as straight as possible. Do not let your knees go too high, you do not want them to cling to your toes.


Begin in the same place, holding your upper body straight with your chin. Go in on one leg dropping the hips and pelvic floor muscles so your knees are bent at an angle of about 90 degrees. Making sure your upper body is upright, your front knee is straight up your foot, and your back knee does not hit the concrete. Rinse it and repeat it.

Squat Hop Jump

Start from the same starting place by doing a standard squat, engage the pelvic floor muscles, and hop up explosively. When you land, lower your body back to the squat place. 

Lunge Jumping

Begin with your legs separated, almost in a lunge position with your knees bent, though not in a complete lunge position. Trigger the pelvic floor muscle and jump. Turn your legs in midair, landing in the simple lunge position with the opposite leg forward as you started. Rinse and repeat yourself!

Squat Isometric Wall

Stand with your legs about one shoulder width apart with your back to the wall (not to allow your shoulder blades or elbows hit the wall) and make sure your knees are not too tight to the wall. Slide your back down the wall to a seated posture (as though you are sitting on a chair) so that your legs are bent at about 90 degrees. Keep this place when tensioning the muscles of your pelvic floor and repeat.

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