Top 5 Pro-Athletes That Are Prolific Cryptocurrency Investors

Top 5 Pro-Athletes That Are Prolific Cryptocurrency Investors


Top 5 Pro-Athletes That Are Prolific Cryptocurrency Investors



Pro-athletes are more than just good at their sports. In recent years, they have been able to marry marketing and business interests with their success in sporting fields.

Many are unaware of the fact that some of the most successful sportspersons of our era are also prolific businessmen and investors. Players are now much more educated, informed, and aware of their financial and monetary situation than they ever were.

They know that they just have good ten-odd years to earn at the highest levels before physical limits push them to retire. However, if they invest in the right fashion, they can always enjoy a great financial future, regardless of their retirement.

Why are Pro-Athletes drawn to Cryptocurrencies as Investments?

Pro-athletes, musicians, hip-hop stars, and movie celebrities are always at the forefront of tech adoption. As they already have a lot of capital lying around, they are not afraid to invest the same in ventures that they believe will skyrocket in the future.

Remember how Beyonce performed for Uber and asked for shares instead of cash fees?

Pro-athletes love everything to do with crypto because it is so easy to find a high-quality Bitcoin trading software. From buying cryptocurrencies as investments to backing companies and start-ups innovating on tech like Blockchain.

Pro-athletes are some of the world’s most prolific tech investors out there. In fact, they have made quite a name and reputation for themselves as savvy investors identifying opportunities for the future.

List of the Top 5 Pro-Athletes that are Crypto Investors

1. Serena Williams-

Serena Williams needs no introduction. Having ruled everything from Arthur Ashe in Australia to the Rolland Garros in France, the tennis star is one of the most successful players in the history of the sports. She is also one of the early investors in Coinbase, a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange. She makes all her investments through her Serena Ventures Fund.

2. Lionel Messi-

Jun 26, 2018; St. Petersburg, Russia; Argentina player Lionel Messi celebrates his goal against Nigeria in Group D play during the FIFA World Cup 2018 at St. Petersburg Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pro Shots/Sipa USA via USA TODAY Sports

Regarded as one of the greatest to have ever played the game, Leo Messi is an out-and-out star. What many people do not know is that the maestro is as quick on his investments as he is around defenders. Sirin Labs, a leading company working with Blockchain to improve smartphone security and process payments saw Messi lead investments. It is estimated that Messi also has investments in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. Floyd Mayweather-

Not only has Floyd Mayweather ruled the charts of the highest-earning sportsmen ever, but he has also led record investments into cryptocurrency and related projects. Not shy of flaunting his wealth online on the social media platform, Mayweather has been prolific in backing the Stox Platform. Mayweather is also involved with the Centra Tech Project. Mayweather has also publicly spoken in favour of crypto multiple times.

4. Matt Barkley-

Jan 24, 2021; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Barkley (5) warms up before the game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest quarterbacks currently in the NFL, Matt Barkley has made quite a name for himself both on and off the pitch. The Buffalo Bills Quarterback created quite a stir when he asked his club to pay his wages in Bitcoin. The club readily obliged and offered him the same in Bitcoins. This supposedly prompted many other NFL players to start demanding the same from their clubs. The trend of trading online is slowly but surely growing in the NFL.

5. Nikita Kucherov-

Nikita Kucherov is a leading star of the National Hockey League or NHL. Kucherov is also the brand ambassador for the sports token platform, TokenStars. He plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning. He himself is heavily into cryptocurrencies and is speculated to own quite a handful of Bitcoins among other cryptocurrencies. He is also one of the earliest adopters of crypto in the sports fraternity.

The Bottom Line

Apart from the five major names mentioned in the article, others like Manny Pacquiao, Luis Suarez, Spencer Dinwiddie, etc. are also proponents of cryptocurrencies. Almost all of them have owned, invested, or backed companies engaging and experimenting with new technologies like Crypto and Blockchain. The fast-paced nature of growth is something that they relate to their own performances on sporting fields.

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