JJ Watt sparks curiosity with cryptic 'mitochondria' tweet

JJ Watt sparks curiosity with cryptic 'mitochondria' tweet


JJ Watt sparks curiosity with cryptic 'mitochondria' tweet


JJ Watt is set to hit free agency for the first time in his NFL career, and he sure seems to be enjoying the attention — milking it for all its worth.

Athletes sometimes let the publicity go to their heads a bit, which is normal,  relishing the feeling of being wanted. Everyone wants to feel wanted, no matter what they’re doing, and that’s exactly what the top players get. In Watt’s case, for example, roughly one-quarter of the NFL’s teams are vying for his services, giving him his choice of landing spot. It’s a very advantageous position to be in.

And Watt is certainly enjoying being front and center in the free agency rumors discussion currently taking place on all sports new outlets. Watt has always been active on social media, and he recently used his platform to send the social media world into a tizzy with this cryptic tweet.

Browns, Bills and Packers fans went nuts speculating about what this meant, but we’re not even going to try to decipher it. Good luck doing so.

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