Things that will convince people to start watching Football

Things that will convince people to start watching Football


Things that will convince people to start watching Football


With endless merchandise including beautiful football shirt designs and a huge fan following, football is one of the most loved games in the entire world. 

You will find football fans no matter where you are- at local bars, you must have seen a bunch of enthusiastic fans. But why is this game so loved? Why do people watch football so enthusiastically? 

Jan 9, 2021; Landover, Maryland, USA; Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke (4) passes the ball against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FedExField. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the reasons that convince people to watch football:

  • Duration of the match: The football match does not take much time. The duration of the game does not extend beyond 90 minutes, unlike many other games that take up the whole day.

    Thus, watching football is more convenient when compared to other popular sports like cricket.

  • Easy to follow rules: Even if you are a newbie it will be very easy for you to follow the game. Football only has 17 rules which are known as the soccer law.

    The game is played according to this soccer law.

  • The enthusiastic crowd: If you are not a fan of football, you should go and watch it at the stadium. Rest assured it will be the best atmosphere amongst all other sports.

    The cheerful and enthusiastic crowd will make you fall in love with football.

  • The team spirit: You will be able to relate so much with the team you support. On the other hand, you will find so much about yourself too! 
  • Discussions after the match: Do you know what is the best part of watching football? The endless discussions with your buddies after the match. Post-match discussions or arguments can stretch for hours.
  • Commercials: This might seem a bit irrelevant because it has nothing to do with the game directly. But, there is no other sport that has the kind of commercials that football has.

    There are a great variety of commercials to keep the crowd entertained even during breaks.

  • Football has the best commentators: Commentators such as Phil Simms, Joe Buck, Greg Gumbel and Terry Bradshaw are probably the best commentators. They have post-game shows, halftime shows, and the best programme shows to keep up the spirit of players as well as the audience.

    No other game has play by play or game analysis like football. There are so many people who watch football only to hear outstanding commentary!

    Jan 3, 2021; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Texans running back David Johnson (31) runs with the ball as Tennessee Titans linebacker David Long (51) attempts to make a tackle during the fourth quarter at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

  • Continuous action: Although the commercials are enjoyed by people during breaks. But too many commercials can bore the audience. In any other sport, their commercials happen on a massive scale.

    For instance, in baseball, you will get to see commercials after three outs. Similarly in basketball, you will be shown the same commercial after every timeout. This loses people’s interest in the game and makes them bored because after all, they are here to watch the game and not the commercial!

    However, in football, you will be shown a commercial after a very long stretch.

  • One game every week: It is very difficult to keep up with the game when it is played twice or thrice every week. But that is not the case with football. With football you know that either your team is playing on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday.

    Once you know this you can easily manage your schedule around that day. You will know when you have to wash your jersey and get ready with forest nachos and cheese dip.

    Catching up with only one game per week makes the game more entertaining because you will have only one chance to watch your favourite team play.

  • The Gameday bars: There is nothing like watching strangers crying, laughing and hugging each other when their team wins.

    While watching the match in the stadium people wearing the same jerseys automatically become your friends. The game day bar is probably the best viewing experience that you will get for football- the most entertaining sport.


Televisions have truly revolutionised the way people watch sports. While it is possible for everyone to go to the stadium and watch the live match, almost everyone has a television. 

There is nothing like hanging out with a bunch of friends, eating nachos with delicious cheese dip and watching the best sport- football. 

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