3 Ways CBD Can Assist With Athletic Performance

3 Ways CBD Can Assist With Athletic Performance

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3 Ways CBD Can Assist With Athletic Performance


Athletes are always looking for ways to improve their performance and gain an edge on their competition. It can be something as simple as more advanced equipment and tools, to health supplements that help them perform at a higher level. Supplements come in a large variety, and are not always completely legal to use according to various governments or athletic governing bodies. 

CBD is a newer health supplement that you can get without any prescription, as long as it contains no THC. It has few side effects that are minimal in terms of severity, making it safe to use for anyone. CBD has become very popular as a health supplement as a result, because it offers a lot of health benefits. This is especially true for athletes, who stand to get a lot out of CBD to take their athletic performance to the next level. Here are three benefits you should know about.

Mar 1, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler (4) and St. Louis Blues left wing Sammy Blais (9) battle for the puck in the third period at Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Muscle Recovery

One of the best properties of CBD that can help athletes is that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. One of the big problems for athletes when it comes to having repeat games or events, or for continually working out, is recovery. Your muscles and joints become inflamed, stiff, sore, and maybe even painful. That can affect how well you perform, or how frequently you can work out.

As an anti-inflammatory, you can take CBD to speed up your recovery. That can help you perform at your best at another game the next day, or to get workouts in more frequently without any stiffness. The best type of product to help with this would be CBD protein powder that you can use in shakes and smoothies.

2. Mental Focus and Decision Making

Excelling at sports doesn’t just require you to be in peak-physical shape. The mental side is equally as important. You are making tons of fast, strategic decisions in split seconds to be in the right place at the right time. Being able to focus at all times is crucial to perform at your best. 

CBD energy drink products are a great way to improve your energy, focus and decision making. It combines the energy and focus elements with CBD’s properties improving blood flow to the decision making areas of your brain

Mar 1, 2021; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Rockets guard John Wall (left) drives around Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton (2) during the first half at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Michael Wyke-POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports

3. Pain Treatment

When you’re an athlete, dealing with pain and injuries is part of the job. Between the amount of workouts you do, and how many athletic performances you have, you’re rarely going to be at 100%. This is especially true if you play a contact sport like football or hockey. 

Aside from being an anti-inflammatory, CBD can also help with treating aches and pains. It interacts with the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS), which is found throughout your brain and nervous system. One of the main things your ECS does is regulate pain, so CBD doesn’t just mask pain but can actually reduce the sensations of pain through your nervous system.

It’s worth noting that CBD can help you gain an edge in your athletic performance, but it won’t give you dramatic improvements. It helps you improve your body and your mind so you are in peak shape when your big game comes around. The only danger is it can interact badly with other medication, if you are taking any prescriptions. If you take any medications, ask your doctor about your prescriptions and taking CBD before using it.

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