Athletes: effects of marijuana on the body

Athletes: effects of marijuana on the body

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Athletes: effects of marijuana on the body


With the legalization of cannabis, the social norms are slowly changing since it’s heavy stigmatization during the war on drugs era. Less than half a century ago, cannabis was considered to be a deadly drug that causes a ton of health and mental issues.

Now, people are starting to understand that it was intended as hateful propaganda started due to socio-political reasons. Not only is the country becoming more accepting of cannabis, researchers have started finding a ton of health benefits from the plant, contradicting everything that was previously believed about it before.

In fact, cannabis is so widespread now, available in supermarkets infused with products, at head shops or online stores like Smoke Cartel, that even professional athletes are allowed to use it, even with their strict regulations of zero drug tolerance. Many world class athletes even say that it helps them train and relax better, including the likes of Ronda Rousey, Michael Phelps, Connor McGregor. They have publicly endorsed cannabis, saying it helps them tremendously in their career. Here are a few great things many world class athletes have attributed to cannabis consumption.

Mar 5, 2021; Mesa, Arizona, USA; Cleveland Indians infielder Jose Ramirez slides into second base against the Chicago Cubs during a Spring Training game at Sloan Park. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Helps with pain 

Cannabis has been long proven to help with physical pains, from acute to chronic. Scientists have discovered that tetra cannabinoids, better known as THC, is not only a muscle relaxant, but also alleviates pain. 

This is because the central nervous system in your body, the one that is designed to detect pain, is completely covered with receptors for cannabinoids. Likewise, cannabinoids also seem to block the peripheral nerve pain, meaning it dampens the feeling.

Best of all, studies show that the way cannabis and regular drugs such as opiates or painkillers function differently to attain the same purpose. Opiates are dangerous dampeners, whereas cannabis does not have any adverse side effects due to the chemical receivers already built within our body.

Helps with focus

Many world famous athletes, most notably Ronda Rousey and Michael Phelps have said that cannabis helps them tremendously with focus. Contrary to popular belief shown in the media where cannabis is seen to make people dazed and confused, that is not the case. 

When consuming cannabis, your feelings and sensations are heightened, that means if you are feeling motivated to train for the day, your motivation is doubled. However, this could be a double edged sword, as if you are feeling lazy, then your laziness is also amplified.

Yet, with the motivation, it is said that cannabis also helps you concentrate better, make sure your focus is completely laser like. Plus, athletes also claim that time seems to go faster when they work out under the influence, and they feel like they not only had a more enjoyable workout, but also one that really pushed themselves to the limits.

Mar 5, 2021; Las Vegas, NV, USA; A general view of the Mandalay Bay Events Center with no fans during a Pac-12 Conference women’s tournament semifinal between the Stanford Cardinal and the Oregon State Beavers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Reduces anxiety

Many athletes suffer from anxiety. The constant pressure to do better than everyone else, and the expectations on them from everyone, their loved ones, their coach — it really does become a catalyst for impostor syndrome.

Of course this is very normal, and athletes have ways of dealing with this deep anxiety boiling in them, thus their unique rituals before a big match or performance. However, quite a few athletes have turned to cannabis to calm their nerves, reduce their anxiety, and let them flow like water on their own fields.

 Alternative methods of consumption

Cannabis may be a terrific discovery for medical advancements, but smoking cannabis still has its own negative effects. Harsh smoke and burnt plant matter can damage your lungs over a long period of time.

However, there are methods of getting around this such as dry herb vaporizers, edibles and tinctures. In fact, dry herb vaporizers give you the benefits and joy of smoking without any of the harmful damage that smoke causes. Edibles and tinctures give you a fast and enjoyable way to feel its effects. Edibles range from anything between a piece of candy or lollipop to full blown meals. 

Tinctures on the other hand, are concentrates that allow you to take a hit and be done with it for the day. If you are in a rush, on a diet, or just want a really strong active substance, tinctures are perfect for you. Drop it on your tongue and you will feel the long lasting effects almost instantly.

These new innovations have taken away all the negative effects cannabis causes to your health, while maintaining the positive benefits. 

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