How To Play Pool: Tips & Tricks from the Experts 

How To Play Pool: Tips & Tricks from the Experts 


How To Play Pool: Tips & Tricks from the Experts 


Pool is an indoor game played on a table with balls. The aim is to put all the balls in the pocket first to win the game. Players take turns shooting the balls with a long stick. This game is a combination of aim and focus. 

Be it the flashy clubs of Vegas or an intimate house party, pool has always been trendy. Do you, too, feel enticed by the game of pool? It is not easy to master it. However, trying some tips and tricks can help you get better quickly. 

Refer to our list of expert pool tips and tricks below to know what you need to do while playing this game.

Shooting stance

Shooting stance gives a pool player the right amount of power, focus, and balance to shoot the ball. Not having a proper posture will increase your margin of errors.

In sports, correct technique is crucial for any player’s growth. Talent without the right way can take you only a little far. It is challenging for a pool player to tackle the cue’s recoil, especially with an improper stance. You must maintain your posture so that you are at your best while playing. Doing minor tweaks in the way you bend and stand can help you win more games.

Take your time

Pool is not a rapid-fire quiz. The game of pool is about accuracy and not speed. You can take your time in calculating your shot. One-shot can be the difference between a win or a loss.

Most players lose patience and focus while aiming a shot. For a good pool player, it is necessary to concentrate well before shooting. Planning your turn well is the key to gain victory. Every pool player must be sure enough before placing the shot to avoid any regrets. 

Challenge better players

Every player starts as a rookie in every game. Some players grow quickly, some slowly, and some are playing just for fun. As you choose to improve in the pool, it is crucial to keep pushing your limits. 

Once you start improving, most of your peers who started with you will become easy opponents for you. You will keep playing with them to satisfy your urge to win easily. But that doesn’t improve your game. You must play against more formidable players to improve rapidly. No matter how well you practice, a match is always the place to test your mettle. You must play in high-quality tournaments to improve your gameplay. Playing more games will take you through the pressure. You will also understand the areas where you need improvement.

Improve imagination

Real pool is very different from the one played online. In online pool, you get an assistance line to follow and make your shots. In the real pool, no assistance line exists. It’s all about how well you can imagine the ball and its trajectory after getting hit.

The better you imagine, the more precisely you play. A player with a good imagination is bound to do better in the pool than his less imaginative opponents.

Pre-shot routine

Apart from keeping calm when playing a shot, a player must have a strong pre-shot routine. Pre-shot routine helps you get in the right mindset and focus before the shot is played. You must get in the groove and develop your shot. 

Not having a fixed pre-shot routine can spoil your game because you won’t be as focused while playing as you should be. 


You must follow the above tips consistently to excel in your pool gameplay. If you are new to pool, you should first learn more about pool. You can also begin by playing pool online to understand the rules better. Even if you are a seasoned pool player, these tips will improve you more. 

We hope that you liked the article. Comment down below and tell us any awesome tips you have for pool players.

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