Free Fire Diamonds Top Up Tutorial With OffGamers

Free Fire Diamonds Top Up Tutorial With OffGamers


Free Fire Diamonds Top Up Tutorial With OffGamers


 Free Fire is one of the leading battle royale titles that have been dominating the charts for a couple of years now and there does not seem to be any signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, as of 2020, Garena Free Fire has reported over 80 million active users daily and about a billion dollars in profit.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Free Fire is a battle royale where 50 players are dropped onto an island and battle to be the last one standing. Aside from its exciting gameplay and numerous add ons, one of the main selling points of the game is that it caters to players with mid-low specification phones. Basically, anyone with a phone can play this game as it does not require much to run.

In a way, this levels the playing field for those who can’t afford a higher-end phone but still want to experience the thrill of a battle royale.

Free Fire Diamonds

Now, you might question: how does Free Fire make money? Well, they incorporate an in-game currency called Free Fire Diamonds which can be bought with real money. These Free Fire Diamonds can be used within the game to acquire weapons, pets, characters, crates, and cosmetics for your characters. There are even memberships for players to acquire constant Free Fire Diamonds (along with other items) weekly or monthly. 

The weekly membership allows you to claim 60 Diamonds every day for a week which adds up to a total of 420 Diamonds. You’ll also get a special weekly card VIP icon. For first-timers, you will be granted 100 Diamonds for free. The weekly membership costs INR 159.

The monthly membership will grant you an AK-Gold Coat for 30 days as well as 100 Diamonds immediately after purchase. There are 60 Diamonds for you to claim for a month which totals up to 1,900 Diamonds. You will also receive a special monthly card VIP icon. The monthly membership costs INR 599.

Here’s how much Free Fire Diamonds currently cost in-game when converted to real-life currency:

100 Diamonds – INR 80

310 Diamonds – INR 250

520 Diamonds – INR 400

1,060 Diamonds – INR 800

2,180 Diamonds – INR 1,600

5,600 Diamonds – INR 4,000

Free Fire Diamonds on OffGamers

Now that you know the importance of these Free Fire Diamonds, let’s show you where you can get them. There are several trusted top-up websites and Free Fire Diamond shops that you can use to get some Free Fire Diamonds and OffGamers are one of them. OffGamers is a leading trusted seller for all of your gaming needs. 

Now, we are here to show you how to top-up the Free Fire Diamond Pins you get from the OffGamers site.

Free Fire Diamond Pins Top Up Tutorial

As one of the most trusted sellers in the gaming community, OffGamers provide in-game currencies for a wide range of games, including Free Fire. Think of OffGamers as a little Free Fire shop for all your needs. Here’s a little tutorial on how you can top-up your Free Fire Diamond Pins from the OffGamers site.

Step 1: Open the official OffGamers site (or just click here) and hover over the Game Cards option. Look for Free Fire Diamond Pins (Garena) on the list. Click on that.

Step 2: A variety of top-ups will appear on your screen. Select the one you would like to purchase by clicking on buy. You can scroll down for more options.

Step 3: After signing in or making an account with OffGamers to ensure your payment is secure, you will be brought to the payment page.

Step 4: After the payment is successful, a code will be instantly sent to your OffGamers account.

Step 5: Go to and you’ll be asked to log into your Garena Free Fire account. Key in the code and you’re done!

Here are all the top-up packages available on the OffGamers site:

INR 77.60 – 100 + 10 Diamond Pins

INR 155.38 – 210 + 21 Diamond Pins

INR 388.46 – 530 + 53 Diamond Pins

INR 776.92 – 1,080 + 108 Diamond Pins

INR 1,553.85 – 2,220 +220 Diamond Pins

There’s also a discount promo going on right now for those looking to save:

INR 75.43 – 100 + 10 Diamond Pins

INR 150.10 – 210 + 21 Diamond Pins

INR 376.39 – 530 + 53 Diamond Pins

INR 750.52 – 1,080 + 108 Diamond Pins

INR 1,501.05 – 2,220 + 220 Diamond Pins

Lastly, there are some bundle promotions up as well:

INR 7,467.52 – 100x 100 + 10 Diamond Pins

INR 14,935.04 – 100x 210 + 21 Diamond Pins

INR 37,299.87 – 100x 530 + 53 Diamond Pins

INR 37,262.16 – 100x 1,080 + 108 Diamond Pins

INR 74,524.32 – 100x 2,220 + 220 Diamond Pins

If you don’t have a computer or laptop handy, that’s fine! OffGamers is now available on mobile for Android users on the Google Play Store:

There you have it! In just 5 easy steps, you’ll get some Free Fire Diamonds to equip the best gear which would guarantee your victory in Free Fire. So, what are you waiting for? With a trusted site and secure payment, get your Free Fire Diamond Pins at OffGamers now!

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