Benefits of Working Out From Home for Athletes

Benefits of Working Out From Home for Athletes

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Benefits of Working Out From Home for Athletes


Before 2020, many people would have scoffed at the idea of working out at home. Especially if they were amateur, semi-professional or professional athletes. However, when the coronavirus health crisis officially became a pandemic and spread fast, social distancing measures and various lockdowns and restrictions caused most health and fitness centers and public and private gyms to close. Which in turn meant that people, including athletes in various sporting disciplines and of various levels of skill, had to look at alternatives to working out and very seriously to working out at home. 

Over the last couple of decades, there has obviously been a spike in interest and demand for home gym equipment anyway, but this increased more so as a result of the pandemic. If you are still on the fence about working from home, we may be able to help you make a more informed decision by discussing some of the major benefits of exercise outside of a traditional gym setup.

You Can Exercise Whenever You Want

Okay, so if you have a membership to a gym that offers 24/7 opening hours, you have maximum freedom as to at what day and time of day you exercise. However, not all gyms offer such opening times, therefore, your workout times are very much dependent on the gym being opening. This works for some people, but if you are self-employed and have your own business or work out with normal business hours, a gym that opens normal hours will not be suitable.

Having your own home gym setup is ideal, as you can work out whenever you like. Obviously, you need to keep in mind your neighbors and anyone who shares your property with you, such as other family members or roommates, but you definitely get the benefit of more freedom and flexibility. 

Time and Money Saver

This is a rather obvious benefit, especially if you have looked into the price of some gym memberships. They are not the cheapest memberships in the world. Yes, you do get the benefit of a whole host of machinery and equipment, but you also need to travel to and from the gym.

There’s also the issue that we touched upon in the section above about availability. Paying a lot of money for a gym that is only open a certain number of hours in a day that is actually workable for you may be less of a good thing and more of a bad thing.

With regards to the equipment, unless you actually make full use of all the equipment on offer, you may save money on only buying machinery and gear that you are actually going to use by investing in a home gym setup. To make sure you choose the right machines, you can look at fitness equipment reviews. Either way, the commute is completely eliminated and once you pay out for your gym equipment, you have it forever. It may be a bigger investment upfront, but once you’ve paid it, you don’t have to pay an ongoing fee. 

Can be Hard to Find a Gym you Like

Following on from the time-saving aspect of building up your own gym setup at home, another benefit is that it can be hard to find a gym. Yes, in most areas, you will find plenty of health centers, fitness zones, and gyms. However, just because there are lots of them to choose from, does not necessarily mean they are any good.

Even if they are good and reputable, you may still feel uncomfortable working out there. A lot depends on the setup, the layout, the equipment available, and the machines they use. There is a lot you need to consider, and it may not be straightforward finding a good gym.

Especially if you are training for a specific sporting discipline with special requirements. When you set up your own gym at home, though, you make the decisions about what equipment and gear you need and can buy and kit out your space with everything that will help you achieve the goals and results you have set yourself. 

You Have Space, time, and Equipment to Reach Your Goals

Following on from the above, it’s worth really highlighting the fact that when you have your own gym setup, you don’t need to wait for people to get off certain pieces of equipment or for free weights to be available. You can simply head to your basement, garage, or spare room, or wherever you have your gym setup at home and work out. This allows you to do the number of reps you need to do and the different exercises you need to reach your goals without feeling any pressure to quickly get off or waiting around for others to finish. You can get stretched and ready and work out your own schedule. 

Better Concentration

A nice follow-on benefit from investing in your own gym and being able to work out when you want, without the hassle of others using the equipment or waiting to use the equipment as your focus and concentration is improved. 

You Get to Plan Out Your Gym to Meet Your Needs

It’s been highlighted under other sections of this post, but it is worth drawing our list to a close-by really emphasizing the fact that when you go down the path of having your own home gym, you can plan it out in the best way to meet your specific needs and goals. Okay, so you will have to work with space and dimensions you have available, but if you need a rowing machine, but don’t need a treadmill, there is no reason to invest money in one. Likewise, if you use dumbbells more than larger free weights, just kit it out with plenty of those in different sizes. There are no restrictions on what you can and can’t do. 

Lack of Ego

When you are working out on your own at home, you will not fall prey to that need to compete with others. It’s just you, time, and your own abilities. 

If you are concerned about health issues and injuries from working at home, consider these safety tips.

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