How to make your wise decision: Treadmill vs Running Outside 

How to make your wise decision: Treadmill vs Running Outside 

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How to make your wise decision: Treadmill vs Running Outside 


1 Introduction: 

Here’s a question for fitness enthusiasts. Do you love running on a treadmill or do you prefer running outside in the open space? We are sure the answer may vary from person to person only because people have different preferences. While one may choose to run on a treadmill, there are others that prefer running outside in the park. While a portable treadmill gives you the luxury of working out right at home, others may like an undisturbed way of working out which is completely fine. Both of these teams are perfectly fine and there is no right or wrong here. 

Similarly, both of these methods have their own pros and cons as well. A compact treadmill will give your body a structure work out which is very beneficial for beginners. It also offers a completely safe and controlled environment for your exercises. Not to forget, when the climate is worrisome, there is nothing like a space-saving treadmill that can save your day and workout as well. Certainly, you may use the walkingpad instead of the treadmill to get the same fitness effect.

On the other hand, running outside on a tough or concrete surface is known to provide ground reaction forces that are known to reinforce your bones. There are many benefits that an outdoor runner will have. Let’s look into more detail below. 

Oct 4, 2020; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Some of the Elite Women’s Race competitors warm up wearing rain covers ahead of the historic elite-only Virgin Money London Marathon taking place on a closed-loop circuit around St James’s Park in central London on Sunday 4 October 2020. Mandatory Credit: Joe Toth/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

2 Differences Between Running On Treadmill Vs Running Outside 

ENERGY Running outside requires good amount of energy as you may not have a flat & smooth surface to run on. However, it is best for runners as it boosts their energy and allows them to practice for upcoming races. At the same time, it is known to boost your energy levels with time.  Here, in a treadmill, there are numerous treadmill speeds that you can choose from. Also, you have the option of inline an decline which can be set according to your workout charts. Using a treadmill allows you to properly structure your workouts. 
SPEED  While running outside, you can allow your body to run at different speeds at per choice. This is crucially important while you are practicing for an upcoming race. However, you won’t have the options that are available in a motorized treadmill.  While running on a treadmill, you have a good amount of options to choose the speed from. If you are a beginner, you can choose to start with a low speed and gradually move up the scale with time. You also have incline and decline options that enable you to make the best use of a portable treadmill
INJURY There are absolutely less chances of falling over or having an injury while running outside. All you need to do is to completely focus on your running and this way you won’t have any injuries.  If you are a beginner, then there are quite some chances that you can trip over and fall on a treadmill. However, with practice, you will learn how to balance yourself and get your body grooving according to the rhythm of the portable treadmill. 
MENTAL WELLBEING  Running outside in a park or simply outdoors is known to have amazing benefits on our mental wellbeing. The open surroundings, fresh air, and amazing climate can make you feel alive and refreshing.  If you choose to run on a treadmill, then there isn’t much scope of mental wellbeing. The only reason for this is the enclosed surrounding. However, there are people who find comfort in that as well. Hence, it works differently for different people. 

2.1 Running Outdoors Vs Running On A Treadmill: Make Your Pick 

Though running outdoors can be awesome for some people, there are some unbeatable advantages of running on a treadmill. If you are familiar with the same, then you would agree it is easier to run and get comfortable on a portable treadmill. You can easily run and train at home without having to choose running out of the door. You can plan and customize your workouts as per choice and achieve them easily with hard work and dedication. 

However, outdoor running may not be suitable in all weather conditions. Though it might be motivating for you to see someone running outside with you, the weather may not always agree with you. This is why it is best to get yourselves a portable treadmill that will allow you to train at home irrespective of the atmosphere outside. It is any day better to run on a cushioned surface rather than a tough surface. While running outside can exert more pressure and stress to your joints, running on a portable treadmill will offer you the right support for your joints. 

Treadmill running is also safer as compared to the other as there is no risk of weather or other similar conditions. They are also great for runners who are recently recovering from an injury. For those of who you don’t know, but according to scientific studies, setting your portable treadmill to a 1% grade is known to replicate the energy and costs of outdoor training. What can be better than that, isn’t it? 

2.2 Pros of Treadmill Running: 

  • Running on a treadmill is great for people who enjoy to work out in a controlled space. 
  • With a treadmill, there is no best time to run. You can choose to run or workout as per your schedule as the treadmill is right at home. 
  • Breath training is easier while running on a treadmill. 
  • Treadmill running is known to reduce the chances of any muscle stress or joint pains. 
  • On the other hand, running on a treadmill is best for your joints as the majority of treadmills have cushioned belts that absorb most of the impact. 
  • Treadmills have many functions that make it more interesting to work out on. You can easily control the pace, take intervals and also set the speed and incline. 
  • At the same time, running on a treadmill is amazing for people who are just recovering for any kind of injury as it lowers the impact and pressure on your body. 

3 How To Breathe While Running? 

Oct 4, 2020; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Shura Kitata (ETH) nearing the finish of the Elite Men’s Race as he leaves Mosinet Geremew (ETH) and Vincent Kipchumba (KEN). The historic elite-only Virgin Money London Marathon taking place on a closed-loop circuit around St James’s Park in central London on Sunday 4 October 2020. Mandatory Credit: Jon Super/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Many beginner runners get tired way too fast and end up with shortness of breath pretty quickly. This is because of two reasons. First, the pace is very fast. And secondly, it is due to inefficient breathing techniques. The first step to having a complete running session is to know how to breathe well while you are running. Now, there are two types of breathing which are shallow breathing and deep belly breathing. While running, shallow breathing isn’t advised. You should always practice deep belly breathing that allows your lungs to be used to their full capacity. 

At the same time, it also means that your oxygen level intake is boosted. While you practice deep belly breathing, the air that intake reaches all the way down to your lower side of the lungs. This method is known to be the accurate and efficient way of breathing while running. It is also important that you exhale with full focus which will automatically allow your body to inhale a good amount of air. Do not stop mouth breathing as it will leave you out of breath pretty soon. 

3.1 How To Practise Deep Belly Breathing? 

If you are wondering how do I breathe while running, here is your solution. This breath training requires the least effort and is very easy to follow. 

  1. Lie down on a sofa or on the floor and place a book or your hands on your stomach.
  2. Intake and exhale with deep focus and concentration. You should feel your hands move up and down while you breathe in and breathe out. If you have a book, you should see it rise up while you inhale and move down while you exhale. 
  3. Concentrate on exhaling the entire amount of air that you inhaled. Clear your lungs out. Just with a little practice and effort, you will find deep belly breathing easy and effortless. It will almost feel natural as ever. 

3.2 Nose Breathing Vs Mouth Breathing

Another important aspect of breathing is to use your mouth to breathe and not the nose. You cannot efficiently inhale and exhale a good amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively through your nose. Hence, it is only common sense to practice deep belly breathing through your mouth. Also, as you boost the pace of your running, you will realize that you cannot simply use or depend on your nose for the good quantity of air that your body needs. There are different breathing rhythms that you can see and adjust accordingly. Additionally, choose the one that you are most comfortable with. 

4 Conclusion: 

In this article, we have seen in detail about the benefits of running outside and running on a treadmill. If you are one of those fitness enthusiasts who were looking around for which ones the best, then we hope we have cleared them out for you. With every person, there is a different perspective. Hence, one may not suit many. Have a look at the pros and cons of both of these options and then decide which one do you want to go for. However, always make sure whichever you choose, be firm on it. Put in all of your hard work and effort to stay fit and healthy. 

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