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Parimatch News


Parimatch is a worldwide bookmaker with a well-established name but is a newcomer to Indian market. Besides, Parimatch has already gained the love of Indian players. Parimatch offers not only a wide selection of sports betting, eSports betting and casino games but it has its own news portal, where you can find the latest sports news in different kinds of sports. All of these you can find on our website or mobile application, which parimatch created especially for users, who can be with parimatch while on the go.

Parimatch Website

Let’s start with Parimatch’s amazing website. Developers did an amazing job to make Parimatch website unique, provide it with a delightful website, and create it easy to navigate. On this website you can read the latest sports news in English and communicate with sports fans.

Parimatch News

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why do you read news? What does the news bring to you? What about sport news?”

We think that people read news because of:

  • The acquisition of new knowledge;
  • The reader’s sense of belonging to their world;
  •  Information: people are looking for news and information about events;
  •  An opportunity to pass the time during breaks (e.g., on the streetcar), at leisure;
  • The ability to keep up to date by looking at the headlines;
  • To discuss it with other people.

Parimatch news team is a group of high-skilled people who can write sports news brief, interesting, concise, understandable. Parimatch is a trustworthy news source who everyday provides you with today’s sports news.

Today sports news

Everyday we publish a lot of sports news today about different kinds of sport. At our website you can find the “Today Sports News” window which contains sports today news. Other news are listed below. They are sorted into different categories with yellow windows, indicating which kind of sport news belongs to. Moreover, on the right side of our website you can find Trending news. It is the news which our users like the most. They are arranged in ascending order.

Football news

Soccer attracts millions of fans around the world. Many players have multi-million dollar contracts and thousands of followers on Instagram. The nearest football tournament is Uefa Europa League. On Parimatch website you can read the latest football news and get information about football players and other football events.

Cricket news

Cricket is one of the trendiest sports in India which gathers many fans around the world. Cricket players have millions of fans on social media. Being a part of such teams as Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore means being a top-class player who is adored by the entire country. Parimatch takes care of its users and pays a lot of attention to developing cricket platforms on its website. Parimatch publishes cricket news, trending cricket news and information about events, players and others. The nearest big cricket tournament is going to be IPL 2021.

The 14th season of the IPL 2021 Prediction Cash-Rich Indian Premier League (IPL) will begin on 9 April ( Parimatch will publish all news and information regarding IPL 2021. Follow us on social networks to not miss the important information about this tournament.

Trending news

As we mentioned before, we have a special window where we publish trending news. They are sorted by the user’s interest. It means that the more people got attracted by the article, the more trending it will be. Trending news also include: news today sports, latest sports news, sports news in English.

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