5 Most Popular Sports For Small Dogs

5 Most Popular Sports For Small Dogs


5 Most Popular Sports For Small Dogs


Does your little furry friend love to jump and hop around? 

Do you want to engage them in sports activities that also boost their health? 

Well, along with feeding them with the best dog vitamin powder for proper nutrition, undertaking sporty activities is always a wonderful way to ensure they remain happy and agile. In that case, you would like to know that sports for small dogs must be chosen judiciously because not all sorts of activities will suit them. You do not want your dog to end up hurting its joints right? So, yes, the bottom line is, be sure what you are making your dog do. 

Let us now look into a few helpful sports that are perfect for small dogs. 

Jan 3, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Broncos Parker the Snow Dog before the game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Empower Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

1. Agility

This sport is perfect for smaller dogs or any other breed. The obstacle course increases the agility of dogs along with their sense of timing and accuracy. In this sport, the handler is not allowed to touch the dog or the obstacle course. In particular, the Mastiffs have a problem with this sport, whereas Collies perform pretty well. 

2. Earthdog Trials

This is a test that comes in handy while judging the instinct and ability to work quickly, in short-legged dogs such as Terriers, Dachshunds. It is a perfect training trick that teaches these small dogs to hunt down vermin that live in underground tunnels. In an Earthdog trial, the dogs must swiftly move through artificial tunnels while sniffing the tunnels for small rodents or pests.  

3. Tracking Dog Sports

Sniffing and determining the location of a strong scent is any dog’s suit. However, we have seen larger breeds do that. You can play hide and seek games with your dog. Not that your dog has to be a professional tracker but, as long as you both have fun, there’s no harm in training your dog.

4. Plain swimming

Dec 11, 2020; Lawrence, Kansas, USA; A military support dog Star sits by his owner who has PTSD watching team warm ups before the game between the Kansas Jayhawks and Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks at Allen Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to teach your dog how to be resilient, this sport is probably the best one you can think of. Teaching your dog how to swim is not harmful, in fact, this will strengthen its respiratory system and build muscle mass. Regular exercise is good for human beings, as well as dogs. So, whether big or small, you can always train your dog to swim. 

5. Racing

This sport is pretty perfect for Italian Greyhound. This dainty dog is not what it looks like. It can run swiftly, and the average speed an adult can attain is 40 km per hour which is impressive, no? 

There are other engaging sports for smaller breeds, such as “dog dancing” or “freestyle shows” where owners teach their dogs to “sit pretty” or some other tricks. In this context, it is mention-worthy that you are at liberty to try different tricks with your dog but, perseverance is what you will need the most. 

Whichever sport you try, just aim at strengthening the bond that you have with your lovely companion. You both make this world a happy place for each other! 

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