Howie Roseman believes trading Carson Wentz was in Eagles' best interest

Howie Roseman believes trading Carson Wentz was in Eagles' best interest


Howie Roseman believes trading Carson Wentz was in Eagles' best interest


The Eagles trading Carson Wentz to the Colts appeared to be a win-win situation, with both sides benefiting, but their general manager believes the move actually had a positive impact on the franchise as a whole.

Philadelphia traded away a ton of draft capital to move up from No. 8 to No. 2 in the 2016 draft so they could select Wentz, with his first two campaigns being his most productive, when Frank Reich was on staff. His play slowly trailed off after that, with injuries clearing taking a toll as well. Wentz didn’t even look like the same player he once was this past season, with a sieve-like offensive line having him worry about being hit nearly every time he dropped back to pass.

But now Wentz has been reunited with Reich in Indianapolis, in a move that simply made too much sense not to happen. He’ll be playing behind one of the best offensive lines in the league, with a solid run game to help take the pressure off him.

And with Reich calling the plays, Wentz has all the tools to succeed, and excuses for his poor performance. As such, the trade was certainly beneficial for him, but in the eyes of Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, it was for his team as well.

“It’s no secret about how we felt about Carson Wentz as a Philadelphia Eagle, whether it was the process of trading up for him in the (2016) draft or extending him (his contract) after the 2018 season, and we had this season where there were some things that happened and, obviously, Jalen (Hurts) ended up starting the last four games,” Roseman said, via the team’s official website. “We had some conversations with him and his representatives about what was the best thing to go forward and when we were doing the coaching search, communicating with him and his agent – really good, productive conversations, really good people – and they talked about maybe it was time for him to have a fresh start, that he was looking forward to a fresh start.”

We could not agree more. It was time for the team to move on from its former franchise quarterback, with a new coaching staff in place.

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