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SF Giants Playing Pepper 2021: The Unedited Director’s Cut

SF Giants Playing Pepper 2021: The Unedited Director’s Cut

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SF Giants Playing Pepper 2021: The Unedited Director’s Cut


I can’t swear to this, but there’s a rumor that high up in the rafters of Busch Stadium in St. Louis is a small circular stairway that leads to a cramped side office tucked away and unseen from the field.

That legendary office, so the story goes, has a commanding view of the field on which the Red Birds play and over which devoted Cardinal fans cast their dreams each baseball season.

Old timers swear that inside that dusty office was born the blogtastic dynasty we know today as The Cards Conclave. And it is the Conclave’s spiritual leader, Daniel Shoptaw, who brings us the yearly baseball tonic, and deep dive into the nether world of every Major League Baseball team, that he calls “Playing Pepper”.

The 2021 edition of “Playing Pepper” is finally rolling out from Mr. Shoptaw’s magic baseball factory at C70 At the Bat, bringing succor to the millions of devoted baseball fans who haunt their laptops for its manna.

Included again this year are the three San Francisco Giants bloggers tasked with deconstructing the immediate and long-term future of that fabled franchise:

Craig Vaughn of THE San Francisco Giants Blog brings his sharp, everyman viewpoint to a variety of relevant discussions about the Giants.

Michael Saltzman’s Around the Foghorn is a graphic-rich tapestry of information and news indispensable to those devoted to all things orange and black.

Richard Dyer created The Giants Cove and is working on a number of writing projects. But his super power is Ultra Procrastination which, as we can see, leaves him with way too much extra time on his hands.

Check out the 2021 San Francisco Giants “Playing Pepper” page here.

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