Assessing why horse racing is so popular with sports bettors

Assessing why horse racing is so popular with sports bettors


Assessing why horse racing is so popular with sports bettors


When it comes to betting on sports, we will all have our own preferences. Of course, in many cases, it will centre on the team you support, or the sport you mainly follow. 

However, there are no restrictions on what you can bet on, and a range of different types, including jump racing; so punters regularly have a look at other games, which is why online sports gambling is so popular. 

Whilst we would never advise that you bet on something you aren’t knowledgeable on, many people, experts or otherwise, enjoy horse racing. This is evident by the fact that it’s a billion-pound industry; but, here, we will outline further reasons why horse racing makes for ideal entertainment.

The simplicity

One of the positive aspects of horse racing is the simplicity. Unlike other sports, which can take place for 90 minutes in the case of football, hours for NFL, or over five days for cricket, this is instant. You pick your horse, they race, and you see who wins.

Simply check the latest horse racing odds, and decide on the outcome you want. Whilst there are more complex bets available, such as a horse winning by a certain number of lengths, generally, you will bet on a win or an each-way. Another pleasing aspect is that you can look ahead to some of the bigger races to place ahead. For example, Al Boum Photo is 3/1 with William Hill to win the Gold Cup, so it’s easy for punters to get a bet placed, even in advance. 

The major events

Following on from that, another reason for the popularity is the high-profile events that take place in the racing calendar each year – from across the globe. In the UK alone there are so many fantastic races, such as the Grand National and Cheltenham, with part of the appeal being the occasion as well as the race.

Seeing the fans pack out the grandstand, and the punters all dressed up, gives a sense of importance to these events. Then, of course, you have elite jockeys, trainers, and horses all competing for some big prize pots and the prestige that comes with certain races. Whilst you get the same thrill and excitement from a race at a regular track, there’s no denying there’s something special about these grand festivals.


The value

Finally, horse racing betting also gives you the opportunity to land winners at bigger odds. Whilst many team games will be won by teams that are odds-on, you don’t always get such firm favourites in horse racing. Even those that are expected to win, they may be at what you consider decent odds, bringing a nice payout. 

Then, you have the ability to dream of landing a big win, even if you should be aware that anything can happen. Long shots have been known to win races, including such as Norton’s Coin winning the Gold Cup at Cheltenham at 100-1 in 1990. It’s rare for other sports to present you with a chance to get such odds, or value.

Ultimately, there’s no guarantees in sports betting. No matter what sport you pick, you just do not know what’s going to happen, but that unpredictability is why it’s so exciting. And, betting on horse racing is a great source of entertainment for many. It’s quick, it’s easy and there’s a busy schedule that will throw up some brilliant events regularly.

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