The best football betting tips in 2021

The best football betting tips in 2021


The best football betting tips in 2021


What should you learn before betting?

Even before the betting base begins its little excursion into the world of sports betting, one prejudice must be dispelled. There will be no reliable betting tips today or tomorrow. Even dropouts from the dark side of sports betting – match fixing – kept telling us that manipulations that were supposed to be safely planned did not work.

To begin with, it must be clarified to what extent sports betting is considered a game of chance. The answer to this varies depending on the viewer. The official assessment is clearly in the direction that betting is a game of chance. For this reason, participation is not permitted before reaching adulthood.

The betting providers must ensure that new members have reached the age of 18. Anyone who cheats when registering for the year of birth can have problems with the expected payouts, as verification of the account is usually necessary.

Aug 10, 2019; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Napoli player Gianiuca Gaetano (70) during a United States La Liga-Serie A Cup Tour soccer match at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This verification is by no means a harassment for the betting providers, but rather a protection for your own account. For example, if someone had hacked the account, they would still have no chance of the money there. The bookmaker determines how high he estimates the probability of a tip occurring. This is calculated from the reciprocal of the quota. With a rate of 2.50, for example, the calculation would look like this: 1 / 2.50 * 100 percent = 40 percent probability of occurrence.

If the bookmaker gives odds of 2.50, he expects that the club will by no means be more than 40 percent successful. In reality, the bookmaker only assumes a winning probability of around 37-38% and then suggests its own bookmaker’s margin in order to generate profits itself. Accordingly, as a rule, 93-97% of the stakes received are paid back to the customer. Due to the unrealizable verification.

In football, in particular, there are a large number of influencing factors that must be taken into account in the analysis. The most important ones are explained below.

Some relevant aspect of football betting

It is no secret that in the final phase of the season there are often interesting odds on teams for potential football tips that no one would have touched for the entire season. The background is that there may only be significant seasonal goals to be achieved for one team while the opponent is already on the beach in Ibiza.

The sports bettor must always ask himself whether the logical bets on the soccer tip are still interesting with the given odds, or whether the bookmakers have reduced the odds too significantly.

How important are injured / suspended players for a team?

It is not uncommon for football betting to analyze a soccer game only with a view to the total of missing players, without individually determining their value for the team. However, failures are really painful only if the entire team is unsettled or the quality differences to the substitute player are too serious.

With a bit of luck, failures in the squad even lead to an exaggerated reaction of the odds, so that football tips as a correct prediction on team X today, of all days, are much more interesting than would have been the case with normal betting odds without the failed player.

  • Bank bets – there are no reliable betting tips today or tomorrow!

It was already mentioned earlier in the text, but the emphasis is simply too important not to consider the topic of “safe bets” again at this point. Amateur sports bettors in particular love the combination of bets on appropriate football tips, i.e. Bayern, Real, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Juventus Turin, Celtic or PSG. However, there are two problems:

  1. These teams do not win all games either, so that multi-bets quickly fall over.
  2. The betting providers know about the attractiveness of the betting tips for these teams and therefore set the odds even lower.

In general, the assumption cannot be dismissed that the value is hidden a little more often in outsider quotas than in clear favorites. Of course, there is only a tendency behind the statement and not a blanket judgment, but various tipsters are absolutely convinced of this strategy.

The 5 most popular categories for sports betting forecast

Three-way bets (1X2 bets, win, draw or lose)

Over / under bet (e.g. over 2.5 goals in the game, team A scores under 1.5 goals …)

Handicap bets (a team gets one or more goals ahead)

Outright bet (e.g. 2-way bet, especially in tennis or in football in knockout phases)

Result bets (a tip on the exact result)

If you want support for your bets and tips today or tomorrow, the betting base is in very good hands. For years, our experts have been busy delivering betting tips that are as reliable as possible today for the future.

Relevant betting tips in 2021

Jul 28, 2018; Miami, FL, USA; Manchester City head coach Niko Kovac reacts during the first half of an International Champions Cup soccer match against the Bayern Munich at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We prepared interesting features available to all readers in order to facilitate the analysis with a few simple steps and thus to be able to make better bets or tips, especially on football, at very short notice. In the following, the available options that go beyond the mere preliminary reports are briefly listed:

Betting base odds comparison

Betting base has had an odds comparison directly available on its website for many years, which makes it possible to select the maximum odds from various betting providers in no time at all.

Betting base system computer

With the betting base system calculator, it is possible to analyze today’s betting tips for their expected return. It takes just a few clicks to calculate the return the reader can expect if a freely selectable number of partial bets from a certain system is successful.

Betting base statistics overview

In the majority of all football reports, under the section “Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights”, you can find a multi-page box that shows all the relevant stats for the upcoming match. Categories include the shape of the last games, goals per game, minute segments in which the goals were scored, goals received and existing series.

Betting base tables

There is also a betting base subpage with tables from the world of popular sports: soccer. Tips can be generated with additional interesting information. Clicking on individual teams provides information about the average age of the teams, nationalities, last games, etc.

Overview of “injured and banned players”

All injuries to individual clubs from England’s ‘s top 2 leagues, the European top leagues as well as the Europa League and Champions League can be read out in one go and good football tips can be derived from them.

Livescore betting base

If you want to cheer for the live bets after submitting the sports betting or if you are thinking of cheating the bookmaker with live bets, then the Livescore betting base is the right choice.

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