5 Footballers Who Love To Gamble 

5 Footballers Who Love To Gamble 


5 Footballers Who Love To Gamble 


Gambling gives people of all ages, backgrounds and status a rush, including professional footballers. 

The hope of a big win sets hearts racing as the roulette ball bounces around before meeting its fate on the wheel. Equally, the anticipation for slot symbols to take their place on the reels is thrilling for players to watch. 

With access to high-speed internet and a plethora of casinos available on all devices, there’s plenty of casino games and information sources for players to choose from.

For example, for those wanting to find the best roulette providers, on roulettesites.org, gamblers can see detailed reports of multiple roulette providers, such as the Bethard Casino review. 

The Bethard Casino review reveals everything customers need to know about the French and European roulette tables on offer. There’s also information on minimum and maximum bets, so customers can see if these roulette games work well with their bankroll budget for gambling. 

However, it’s unlikely pro footballers will be too concerned with the minimum bet requirements.

For the inside scoop on footballers who love to play the dealer in blackjack, exchange their money for poker chips or take a spin on the slots, see below.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo currently possesses 5 Ballon D’ors and is considered one of the best footballers in the world. But football isn’t the Portuguese players only talent; he’s also an excellent poker player.

In 2016, Ronaldo played and beat Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and won £15,000 for charity.

Ronaldo has previously explained his love of poker as follows; 

I get the same rush I get when on the pitch. The competitive spirit and pressure is what I like the most. – Cristiano Ronaldo 

Neymar da Silva Santos

Sep 10, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Brazil forward Neymar (10) smiles on the bench prior to the South American Showdown soccer match against Peru at Los Angeles Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

As one of the most successful strikers, Neymar has scored 300 goals for country and club. 

And it appears his winning streak and competitive nature extend beyond the pitch and into the poker realm t. As his social media account reveals numerous snaps of the footballer playing with his comrades. 

Neymar reportedly also frequents casino sites online. Meaning numerous lucky poker players online have had the fortune of playing the pro footballer.

His participation in the European Poker Tour in 2015, coupled with sources suggesting he is a great poker player, reveal Neymar is a talented poker player.

Diego Maradona 

The football legend was put to rest last year. Ossie Ardile, a former Tottenham midfielder, commented to the BBC, ‘he will be remembered as a genius in football.’

The accomplished figure in football and a national hero in Argentina also enjoyed casino games. The pro player reportedly had a penchant for card games and roulette. 

However, the football legends’ interest in the gambling world went beyond casual visits to the casino. He was once reported for operating an unregulated casino in Buenos Aires. 

Nov 29, 2020; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Match attendees stand for a moment of silence in honor of Diego Maradona prior to the match between Columbus Crew SC and Nashville SC at MAPFRE Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Chopra

Chopra, while a great footballer, was also partially famous for his deep love of gambling. 

Michael first started gambling when he joined Newcastle. During the time spent with his team, they would often place bets together; some of the wagers amounted to £30,000. 

Betting was supposed to be a bonding activity for the team. But Michael began betting alone too, spending almost £20,000 a day on bets. 

Eidur Gudjohnsen

It’s common for football players such as Eidur, who at one point was recovering from injury, to use their time-out to gamble. 

Most footballers who are suspended due to an injury often miss the thrill and intensity of playing football. Many out-of-commission footballers say gambling provides an adrenaline rush likened to what they experience on the pitch. 

Gudjohnsen reveled in gambling to elongate the rush he felt on the football field. As a result, Gudjohnsen spiraled into £6 million worth of debt.

Use Pro Footballers Gambling Techniques and Lessons To Play

If the above examples of professional footballers have taught us anything. It’s that people all over, including the rich and famous, love to gamble. But it also divulges that being rich and famous doesn’t make people invincible from losing everything they own at the casino. Therefore gambling responsibly is imperative for all.  

Those who can quit while they’re ahead and walk away from the game when their betting money is spent and find other ways to fuel the adrenaline rush they crave. Make better gamblers in comparison to those who have tendencies towards addiction. 

As such, self-awareness and boundaries are necessary components for being a good gambler. This is why players such as Ronaldo and Neymar are considered excellent gamblers. 

The second point the above article highlights is there are various similarities between the skills required in football and poker. This highlights why some professional football players are great at casino games more than others. 

Similar skills football and gambling require are as follows;

  • Set of rules to learn and abide by
  • Practice and persistence to improve
  • Mental resilience to overcome setbacks and accept losses
  • Self-control and strategic thinking to prevent overspending or reckless gambling choices

The above factors extend to all gamblers that want to be successful, whether at the casino or online. As such, to become a great gambler, practising bankroll management, learning the rules, and knowing when to walk away is crucial.

Players who master those skills can use gambling as a stimulating and challenging distraction, just as Cristiano Ronaldo does. 

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