How Do Athletes Choose A Sports Management Company?

How Do Athletes Choose A Sports Management Company?


How Do Athletes Choose A Sports Management Company?


Choosing a sports management company is an important decision for every professional athlete.  A good sports management company can help you establish a good career. A poor one, however, will put you at a disadvantage which can lead to little or no money at all. 

Every athlete must understand how to properly choose a sports management company to look after them and their career. And how can that be done? That’s what will be discussed in this article. 

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1. Choose A Company That Has Experience Working With Athletes Like You

Each athlete has different strengths and career paths so it’s important to choose a sports management company that suits the needs and goals of an athlete. For example, if you play football in the UK, you might want to check out the likes of AKE Sports Management, an agency that can represent and manage rising football stars.

The sports management company will assign an agent who will represent you in contract negotiations and business deals. They will also assist you in reading offers, explaining contracts, and determining fair incentives and bonus structures. 

The sports management company will also handle all your sports marketing and promotional activities as well as resolve public relation issues such as scandals, rumors, bad press, etc.  

2. Take A Look At The History Of the Sports Management Company

While doing research, it’s important to cover all the bases which includes the history and the past clients of the sports management company you’re going to choose. 

Try to find other ways to know more about the company like calling their office or talking to other athletes and coaches who have worked with them previously. You can also search for articles on search engines that may have covered the company extensively. This will help you get a glimpse of how the company handles its athletes and other partners.

Working with a company that has a bad reputation and a poor track record of managing clients can be detrimental to your long-term career as a professional athlete. Be patient and do your due research so you can gather all the information you need before signing with a sports management company. 

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3. Determine If The Company Has A Good Player Development Program

A very good sports management company is capable of improving the performance of athletes from being rookies to becoming professional athletes over the course of a few seasons. Usually, a good sports management company has a list of young and veteran athletes who are playing at different levels. They have players in mediocre leagues and high-profile professional leagues.

You should sign with this kind of sports management company as they are capable of finding quality players who have potential. Aside from that, they know how to use that potential to place the athlete in good positions where they can succeed and move up to the top professional leagues.

4. Choose A Sports Management Company That’s Willing To Do The Hard Work

Even if you’re doing your best to excel in your chosen sport, if you don’t have an agent who’s willing to work hard for you, then getting a good-paying job from a team or sponsor is completely out of the question. 

The sports world is a very cutthroat industry and part of your success will depend on the management company you choose. They have to be willing to work longer hours, send more emails, make more calls, and do whatever it takes to get you a fair contract. 

Working with a sports management company that doesn’t work very hard can be detrimental to a young athlete who’s just starting a professional career. Also, avoid hiring a sports agent who only does it as a part-time gig. These people are usually not associated with any sports management company, and being represented by them would put you at a huge disadvantage. 

Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember though that hiring a good sports management company will not guarantee you a spot in the top professional leagues. You still need to do your work and perform to the best of your abilities. The management company will only assist you in securing a sports contract and put you in a good position to succeed in your sport.

This does not mean, however, that you won’t do your due diligence. Before signing up for a management company, make sure it is a reputable, transparent, and experienced one. Most of all, the company must have a good track record among its previous athletes and partners that they once worked with.

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