Online Sports Betting: Your Next Side Hustle

Online Sports Betting: Your Next Side Hustle


Online Sports Betting: Your Next Side Hustle


It’s safe to say that almost everybody is working some type of side hustle these days. With inflation on the rise, jobs being cut due to the pandemic, and the fact that a large percentage of small businesses in America went out of business, people just aren’t getting paid what they used to.

Many of those who lost their jobs had to suffice with a lower-paying job that makes them less than half of what they were used to making before. Those who were able to retain their high-paying jobs may have been left with reduced hours, no extra bonuses, and no extra money.

Whatever the case is, though, online sports betting may just be the solution that you need to start putting some extra cash in your pocket!

In this post, we’ll be discussing some of the betting options you’ll have at your disposal, the legality of sports betting, and how you can start betting odds on your favorite college football, basketball, or other sports through the “sportsbook.”

Let’s dive in!

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Making Money With College Football (And Other Sports)

Now, before we get too in-depth, let me start by saying that gambling always carries a risk with it. You could win thousands of dollars by playing the odds right, but then you could also lose everything with one ill-placed bet.

If you’re just starting out with live betting or sports betting, then the best bet is to set a particular amount of money aside for it. You’re going to use this money to make smart bets on sports matches. Once you start winning, you’re going to save the money, not spend it.

Too many bettors have lost all of their hard-earned gambling money by blowing their winnings on extra drinks at the bar, a fancy dinner, or some new jewelry. If you’re just doing this for fun, then blow all of the winnings you want!

However, if you’re doing this for survival reasons, you need to take full advantage of every bonus, free bets, special promotions, and low-risk betting opportunity that you can play.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The US?

The answer is it depends. While some states have legalized online betting, others have not. This is mostly due to age-old laws that stem from the early North American Protestant families who viewed gambling and casino games as a sinful vice.

Regardless of the legality of your sports betting options, though, your best choice is to bet on offshore casino sites and sportsbook options. is an excellent platform that’s based out of Panama where the gambling laws are a bit more modern, and anybody can bet on sports including:

  • The NBA (basketball)
  • The NFL (football)
  • MLB (baseball)
  • Soccer
  • Horse racing
  • NHL (hockey)
  • Boxing/MMA
  • College Sports
  • …and more!

Since these sites traditionally accept Bitcoin wagers, your presence on the site is hard to trace, and even if you’re placing bets from a place where gambling isn’t legal, you can still participate in the shadows.

Apr 1, 2021; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Fans arrive at Wrigley Field for the Opening Day game between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

How To Place A Wager On The Online Sports Betting Site

To place your first bet, visit the internet casino site and look for their sportsbook section. This is a long list of every game and sporting match available that week for you to bet on. It’s updated daily with the latest scores, favorite teams, and any changes to game times or gameplay.

Once you find the match that you want to bet on, you must place a wager on the team that you want to see win (and by how many points). Then, all you need to do is sit back and hope that the odds end up in your favor!

Best Strategy For Safe betting Techniques

New to the concept of sports betting? Well, here are a few tips to help you make the wisest investments.

Understand The Field

Never go into a round of betting blind! Always make sure that you take the time to do the necessary research on which teams are playing, who the favorite team is, how the players have performed over the season, and whether or not the coach has a good record that year.

Bet Against The Spread

Just because a team is the so-called “favorite” doesn’t mean that you should necessarily bet on them. This is because the favorite will usually need to win by a set number of points in order for you to win money from the deposit. If the underdog loses by just a few points, then technically you could have won by betting on them.

Avoid Betting On “Wildcard” Matches

The wildcard matches are where teams who were knocked out of the early tournaments are given a second chance to get into the playoffs through a wildcard match. The reason why you should avoid betting on these is that both teams are highly motivated to win, which can result in tie-breakers, low-point wins, and other instances that could reduce your odds of winning.




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