Best Sports Capper 2021 (Elite Bettings)

Best Sports Capper 2021 (Elite Bettings)


Best Sports Capper 2021 (Elite Bettings)


Sports Consultant | Elite Bettings

Sports betting is more and more popular nowadays as people want to make fast money. However, people could be blind about easy money and could take their dreams to reality. We will see together what is the best sports handicapper to follow and show you all the proofs of his expertise.

We started like everyone to bet on sports like the NFL, NBA, as well as NHL or MLB, but the results were always the same. We couldn’t profit because we didn’t have enough expertise as we placed our bets with our emotions and hadn’t any strategies to survive in the long run. So like everyone we went on Instagram to find a sports consultant or a “capper” as they say it. We saw a lot of content, wagers, luxury goods, watches, money so we decided to give it a try. The most popular sports experts were Vegas Dave, Parlay Travy or Cody Covers Spreads, Five Stars Sports Picks, Mazi, and Vegas Jake. We were all impressed by the lifestyle they had and all the winners they could provide. Nothing mentioning the prices were also super expensive but we wanted to try so we bought a pack and got their picks.

All of them were proposing quantity with big odds, which was a bit complicated for us as we received every day maybe 15 different picks. On the first day, we were losing -$1245, the second day we were losing $-850, and the third day we profited $375. We continued like that for 30 days with $10,000 of bankroll and reached -$4255 with $7500 of fees we had to pay to get their picks.

We didn’t have any hopes anymore, we got blind by lavish lifestyle and dreams. It was our fault because those famous cappers didn’t provide us any proof of results and with time, a lot of them erased losses and gave fake records. It was a big scam and we were not happy about their services at all. Tony, one clerk told us about a sports consultant that made him earn +$740 in 1 Month. We were septical but we were ready to give the last trial.


Sports handicapper | Elite Bettings

The name was Elite Bettings, they seemed to be legit, they recorded all results in a bankroll, everything was public and it was very cheap. The average odds were around -155, not bad, and the winning rate +70% WIN which is rare and insane. On the first day, we made +$1780, the second day we did +$896, and the third day +$1205. We profited +$6545 in 1 month, we were totally amazed, it was absolutely stunning!

Sports capper | Elite Bettings

The lesson of the story is we got hooked by easy money and luxury lifestyle, we didn’t have any strategies and proofs to choose the right sports consultant. Thanks to this mistake we chose carefully our sports expert, he told us his own money management, results were recorded and he was legit. We thought it was important to make this article in order to aware people, gambling could be dangerous and also give you the solution to this problem, at least the one we find.

They propose all sports Football (NFL & NCAAF), Basketball (NBA & NCAAB), Hockey (NHL), and Baseball (MLB). So if you want NBA picks, MLB picks, or even NHL picks, you would be very impressed about what they can propose. They are super professional, whenever we had questions, they were available to answer us with technical analysis. Since 2016, they provide sports picks, it’s really their job, they spend all day choosing the right picks to make our profit. What we like is they focus on quality, like 1 or 2 picks per day and they really bet on each pick they release, which makes all the difference.


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