How to Convert a Road Bike to a Hybrid Bike

How to Convert a Road Bike to a Hybrid Bike


How to Convert a Road Bike to a Hybrid Bike


If you are looking for an easy and fast mode of transport, then go for a bike. Especially with new technology where there are different upgrades on bikes. You can choose to purchase an electric bike or better get your bike upgraded to a hybrid bike. With a hybrid bike, you will have the best features of both the mountain bike and a road bike. You can, therefore, use it for your every day commuting and sporting activities.

Categories of Hybrid Bikes

There are different categories of hybrid bikes. Some of these categories include:

  • Hybrid sporty/performance
  •  Hybrid comfort bike
  • Cruiser bike
  • Urban bike
  • Hybrid-derived bike

Hybrid Bike Features

Hybrid bikes are a little different from all other bikes. Their features determine the purpose of the bike. A bike meant for commuting, riding paved paths, and smooth streets will be slightly different from sporty bikes. Therefore, you need to be specific to get the most suitable bike for you. These features include:

  • Wheel size
  • Gears
  • Bike suspension
  • Brake type
  • Bike frame materials
  • Handlebar shape
  • Cargo racks
  • Fenders

Wheel Size

The standard wheel size of a hybrid bike is 700c. However, some hybrid bikes are equipped with the 26 in, slightly smaller than the 700c wheels.


Gears become complicated when you factor in combinations of chainrings, cogs, and the number of teeth. However, you can make this easier since you can determine the right gear for you by considering your fitness level and the terrain you’ll be riding. If there are mountains and hills, then you will require more gears.

Bike Suspension

The decision to get bike suspension is also determined by the terrain and the type of roads you will be riding. For riders who use smooth roads and pavements, then you can do without any suspensions. However, if your daily road is rough, you can get a hybrid bike with a front suspension since they help absorb the front wheel’s impact.

Brake Type

The brake types include Rim brakes and Disc brakes. Rim brakes are the most common when it comes to hybrid bikes. These rim brakes have pads attached to the wheel rims. They are economical, easy to observe, and also replace.

The pads of the disc brakes grip on the brake rotor, and they are mounted to the wheel hub. They come in two versions: Hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical disc brakes.

Frame materials

The most common materials are aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Aluminum is light, durable and affordable. On the other hand, Steel is heavier, but it’s very sturdy and offers a comfortable and smooth rise. Carbon fiber is common since it is cheaper than aluminum and steel.

Handlebar Shape

The handlebar shape and size determine the comfort of the rider. You will be most comfortable riding when the seat is below the handlebars. Most hybrid bikes are made this way, so they are comfortable to ride.

How to Convert Your Road Bike to Hybrid

There are a number of things you can do to upgrade your traditional bikes to hybrid bikes. These upgrades include:

Change the position and Style of The Handlebar.

By changing the handlebars’ position, you will be alleviating the seat, giving you a more upright seating position. This way, you will be more comfortable riding. You can also use a riser stem since it brings your handlebars a few inches higher. This allows you to lean back to maintain a more comfortable position while riding.

Change the tires

Tires are an essential consideration when upgrading your road bike to a hybrid bike. Most road bike tires are fast but limited to paved roads. When the standard road bike tires are exposed to other road types, they easily get flat. When considering a hybrid bike, go for thick hybrid tires that can be used on different terrains.

Swapping the seat

The road bike usually has a narrow shape and firm padding, making it uncomfortable for casual riding. For a hybrid bike, get a seat with a wide base and excellent padding. It is also advisable to get an adjustable seat to get to your desired height.

Add a Bell to your Handlebar and Lights at the Front and Rear

Front and rear lights are essential for people who travel very early in the morning or at night. The lights help in your vision and make you visible to other motorists and drivers. When it comes to the lights, invest in a bright and water-resistant lamp. When it comes to the bell, ensure you can easily access it by hand when riding.

Advantages of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are preferred by many since they are better than ordinary road bikes and mountain bikes.  Here are some reasons why you should choose a hybrid bike.

  • Versatile- These bikes are flexible, and they can be used on rough and smooth roads.
  • Comfortable-Most of these bikes are very comfortable. They are fitted with a comfortable saddle, and the handlebar is upright.
  • Perfect control and visibility-With these bikes, you can maintain an upright position when riding.
  • Carrying Mounts- Hybrid bikes are equipped with mounts that allow you to carry extra luggage.
  • Saving on time and money- With hybrid bikes, you can escape traffic, and you can use shorter routes and pavements. Looking for parking slots will not be much of a hassle also. You are also able to save on fuel costs.

Final thoughts

When you are looking to upgrade to a hybrid bike, you need to consider the features. Ensure that the bike is comfortable for your everyday use. Upgrading your road bike to a hybrid bike will expose you to various sporting activities and daily commuting activities. Furthermore, the upgrade is not expensive; you only need to change a few features and get a better and more comfortable ride. 

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