Why do Sports Podcasts Need to be Transcribed

Why do Sports Podcasts Need to be Transcribed


Why do Sports Podcasts Need to be Transcribed


6 Reasons Why Sports Podcasts Need to be Transcribed

Sports podcasts are becoming more and more popular. The world of digital has long stepped over the line of lack of content. There is so much of it that users’ time is now in short supply. Therefore, the task of any modern media is to technologically deliver relevant content to its subscribers without taking a lot of time. People want information that matters to them while driving, at work, at the gym, or while walking in the park.

According to a study by Nielsen, about 27% of US users listen to podcasts on sports events in the United States, which is the fourth result after humor, education, and news. Behind – politics, computer games, technology, and science fiction. Sports podcasts are regularly produced by ESPN, Barstool Sports, Bleacher Report, TSN, Fox Sports, etc.

As you know, a podcast is an audio file in wav or mp3 format that the viewer can listen to through special applications or servers like Youtube. However, what should people do who, for several reasons, cannot listen to a sports podcast? In this case, you need to use transcription.

Doctor Joe Gastaldo displays the covid-19 related podcasts he listens to during his early morning workout at Life Time Fitness in Dublin, Ohio on March 4, 2021. He wears a gaiter mask while he is working out and makes sure to keep a distance between himself and others when he pulls it down. Gastaldo visits the gym every morning, his exercise helps him deal with the stress of his work as an expert studying Infectious Diseases for OhioHealth.
04 gastaldo

Transcription – What Is It?

Transcription is a translation of audio to text or video to text. When transcribing is performed, the voice data is listened to or processed by software and then displayed as text. You can do automatic transcribing using unique applications. There is also a classic method when a person listens to an audio recording and translates it into text.

Never confuse transcription with shorthand. Even though the directions are very similar, shorthand is usually used in real-time. The stenographer must quickly translate the voice immediately onto paper and not lag behind the speaker. For these tasks, stenographers must have a particular alphabet that allowed them to write 2-4 times faster than using classical letters.

Top Reasons To Use Transcription For Sports Podcasts

People create podcasts to listen to. However, it would help if you did the audio-to-text transcription. Did you know there are about 800,000 podcasts created as of 2020? The main reason for doing transcription is that you need to do your best to stand out from other creators and help your audience find your channel. Now let’s look at other vital reasons for transcribing sports podcasts.

Improving Positions In Search Engines

According to research, 73% of listeners find podcasts through Internet searches. But there is one problem: search engines do not index audio, so a page with a podcast will not get into Google’s SERPs. You need to transcribe the recording.

Google plans to use speech recognition technology in the future to read podcasts and include them in search results. Yet, so far, these are vague plans, and the reality is this: you need text to be visible to search robots.

Consider transcribing audio recordings. This way, your content will be found by a new audience that does not yet know what podcasts are. People are looking for any information on a topic of interest, and you can offer them this information in a different format and attract additional traffic. On the contrary, without optimizing the page for search engine optimization, even a loyal audience cannot easily find your podcasts.

Dacia Gayden (left) and Alexzander Johson record a podcast in front of the Calvin Goode mural at Roosevelt Row Welcome Center, Phoenix, April 3, 2021.
Calvin Goode mural

Easier to Promote On Social Networks

People love to share quotes on social media. It happens that a person listens to a podcast, hears an exciting thought, funny observations, and wants to keep this moment for himself or tell his friends. Yet, they are too lazy to pause the transmission and record these words using the keyboard. Some people do this, but this is only a small percentage since humanity is accustomed to automatic actions. If you transcribe speech to text, people will find it easier and faster to post on the social network.

More Subscribers

Research has been done to find out why some people don’t listen to podcasts. 41% of respondents noted that such content consumes too much mobile Internet traffic. Another 40% of respondents said podcasts were too long.

If you transcribe your transmission, you will solve these two problems and attract additional subscribers. People can just read the text or look at the content of the transcript. Then decide if the content is worth their time, whether they need to listen to only the parts that interest them or the entire podcast.

More Opportunities For Content Marketing

You can also use transcription for other content marketing purposes. Based on the transcripts, you can create new posts on social networks, blog posts, email newsletters, articles for the site, and more. You can view multiple transcripts from different podcasts to gather information on a specific topic for a blog post. And it will be much faster than listening to a few records from start to finish.

Content Becomes Public

The number of hard of hearing or deaf people in the world is in the millions – this is the audience you lose by not providing easy-to-read content. Content that is deaf people can see with their eyes. Take care of subscribers with disabilities. They will be grateful and will become your regular readers.

Useful User Experience

By studying your podcast as text, the user should get the most rewarding user experience possible. When you make a podcast available to everyone, you will increase a good percentage of the user experience. This way, you will be able to gather a devoted, active, and loyal audience. The user experience focuses on a deep understanding of users, what they need, their value, and their abilities. By creating an accessible atmosphere for all readers, people will perceive your action as caring and become more trusting.

How to Transcribe Speech To Text?

There is now enough voice-to-text software on the market. The main drawback of these programs is that they do not accurately recognize the sound, make punctuation errors, and not catch complex words. Therefore, if you want quality text, you better contact transcription services. One of the most reliable and quality services is Transcriberry.com.

The experts of this service are creative, resourceful, and talented international transcriptionists. They worked in different directions and can write a unique text and an original and sold one. Of course, you can do the transcription yourself, but, as always, there are nuances:

  1. Don’t expect the sound of an audio track to be clear and perfect.
  2. The diction of some speakers may be too complicated. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time understanding what is at stake.
  3. You must make the text without plagiarism. If your imagination is tight, it will be challenging to do this kind of work.

Transcriberry employees faced various tasks. They know their business, and, having made an order from them, you will not regret it. Here the transcribers are responsible and punctual. They not only do their job on time, but they do it with dedication and enthusiasm. Hundreds of completed projects received approving reviews from clients. Experts are ready to start fulfilling your order at any time. To do this, you need to leave your contact details, and the company will contact you.

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