Four Ultra-Famous Athletes Who Are Also Crypto Nerds

Four Ultra-Famous Athletes Who Are Also Crypto Nerds


Four Ultra-Famous Athletes Who Are Also Crypto Nerds


Cryptocurrency is the buzzword at the moment. So many people are obsessed with what it can do and it’s very quickly become a mainstream phenomenon. It’s not just for investors anymore, many are looking at crypto as a way to change how finance works in the world. It’s truly got limitless potential. 

This is why a number of athletes have made the move to either invest in crypto or become entangled with the crypto world. We’ve taken a look at some of the top athletes in the world who have made a move into crypto, as well as finding out how they have taken their initial steps. 

Dennis Rodman

Rodman is one of the most flamboyant athletes of all time. Whether it was his multicolored hair or having Madonna on his arm, Rodman was almost always the center of attention. He might not have been in at the ground floor when it came to Bitcoin first blazing a trail as an alternative payment method, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t blazing a trail of his own in other ways. 

Back in 2018, Rodman made his way to Singapore. When he was photographed arriving there, he was wearing a shirt that was branded with Potcoin. This wasn’t just some idle brand, it was actually a cryptocurrency that was themed around marijuana. While the crypto seems to have dropped off since, Rodman wearing this shirt led to a lot of publicity around the crypto for a short time. This wasn’t just a coincidence either – Rodman was actually sponsored by Potcoin. It’s safe to say that this was money well spent as it did create quite a lot of publicity. 

Lionel Messi

Jun 30, 2018; Kazan, Russia; Argentina forward Lionel Messi (10) chases the ball between France midfielder Ngolo Kante (13) and midfielder Blaise Matuidi (14) in the round of 16 during the FIFA World Cup 2018 at Kazan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

There are a number of solid arguments for Messi being heralded as the greatest soccer player of all time. It’s unarguable that he is one of two contenders for the title of best player of his generation. Having spent all of his professional career at Barcelona, he has managed to be in the spotlight pretty much since he made his debut. He was even spoken about as being a potential best ever by Ronaldinho before he had even made an appearance. That’s how good Messi was when he was coming through the youth ranks.

With this level of fame comes a number of sponsorship opportunities. Messi took a slightly different crypto path to other athletes, though. Instead of being sponsored by, or investing in, crypto, Messi worked together with a lab that intends to put together a new cell phone design. The phone is called Finney, which is actually linked to crypto as this was the name of the beneficiary of the first-ever Bitcoin transaction. 

The device is the first ever blockchain phone and it features a built-in cold storage wallet. The specs are very impressive and the fact that it has a big name from the world of soccer endorsing it has given it some authenticity. The fact Messi has been happy to get involved with this device shows that he has at least a passing interest in crypto and the blockchain. 

Manny Pacquaio

‘The Pacman’ is one of the all-time greats of the boxing world. He’s taken a different step than most other athletes on this list. He hasn’t just endorsed a cryptocurrency or blockchain product. He has gone the whole hog and launched his own crypto. Not only has he had a hand in launching his own coin, but he’s also taken the decision to launch it on an exchange that he has invested in. With a burgeoning political career in place, it shows that Pacquaio is looking towards his future outside of the ring in a number of different ways. 

The aptly named PacCoin has been on the market for a while now. While it’s regularly hovered at a below $0.01 value, in recent times, it has shot up a significant amount. It has seen big gains taking place, which means that it has shown some potential as both an investment and payment method. With Pacquaio showing dedication to his political career, there could be a lot of potential growth available with this coin. It shows that Pacquaio believes in the potential of the blockchain and isn’t just in it to make some easy money.

Spencer Dinwiddie

Dec 25, 2020; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie (26) shoots a free throw during the third quarter against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Dinwiddie is an NBA point guard who has spent time at both the Pistons and the Nets. It took him quite a while to settle into the league, but after two uneventful seasons with the Pistons, he really seemed to find his feet with the Nets. It’s here that he managed his first season with a PPG into double digits. It was also while at the Nets that he first made the move into investing in Bitcoin. 

After investing in 2017, Dinwiddie became obsessed with his crypto. It got to the point where, while the other players were warming up before the game, Dinwiddie would be checking on his crypto portfolio. Dinwiddie is more than just a player who has invested in Bitcoin, though. He has an interest in the technology behind it too. 

This all came to a head when he decided to turn his NBA contract into an investment token. Called the Dream Fan Shares, it’s an innovative way for investors to own a piece of their favorite player. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it allows accredited investors to make an investment into Dinwiddie. Of course, there was some pushback from the NBA, but with loans in place to cover the move, it’s built up a lot of excitement in the industry. This could be an innovative way for fans to interact with sports stars in the future. 

With Dinwiddie being more than just an investor, it has really caught the attention of people across the world. Whether it will be a success in the long term still remains to be seen, but it’s without a doubt a brave move forwards for crypto.

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