Good Posture in 30 Days: Exercises, Calendar Plan, and More

Good Posture in 30 Days: Exercises, Calendar Plan, and More

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Good Posture in 30 Days: Exercises, Calendar Plan, and More


The Simplest Exercises And Schedule To Get Your Posture Back

Besides a welcoming smile, unfazed confidence, and a killer outfit, the next thing you recognize about a person is whether they have a good posture or not. Sadly, many people are prone to slump because of acquired sitting or standing habits. 

Look around; chances are you’ll see many people going to great lengths to manipulate how they look. For instance, women spend a lot of their time researching waist trainer differences to get that tiny waist. 

On the other hand, men spend hours at the gym looking for the sexy six-pack. So why not adopt the same zeal to get a good posture.  

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So if you experience back pains, foot pronation, temporomandibular joint pain, and distorted balance, it is highly likely that you are in dire need of posture correction. The good news is that it is possible to get good posture with proper posture training.  

That is why we’ve taken the liberty to give you a 30-day calendar that should get your posture muscles working as intended. But first, let’s look at the different types of postures and what it means to have a good posture. 

How To Confirm If You Have Good Posture

Get a full-length mirror, stand in front of it, and then look at your posture. Check whether you are leaning to the right or the left. Then stand sideways and look in the mirror again. Check whether you are tilting to the back or front. If you notice that you have any midline slant from either side, consider whether you have any following posture types. 

Posture Types

  • Forward head – the head is positioned in front of the vertical body midline.
  • Swayback – the hips and pelvis are tilted forward and in front of the midline.
  • Flatback – The lower back looks straight, but the body stoops forward. 
  • Kyphosis/hunchback – the upper back has an exaggerated curvature.
  • Uneven hips or shoulders – the body tilts to one side because one leg is longer than the other.

Once you’ve determined your posture type, it’s time to work on getting back that good posture.

Posture Correction Exercises

The exercises we recommend are specially designed to loosen your muscles, strengthen your core, realigning your body joints, and increasing your body awareness. This is how you get your good posture back in 30 days. 

Therefore, if you go to the gym, talk to your instructor about getting back your good posture. Sure, posture exercises at the gym contribute to getting good posture. But it doesn’t hurt to have someone guiding you on every step of your journey. 

If you don’t have a gym membership, don’t fret. Posture exercises at home are just as practical. But, you can consider adding equipment that can fasten your posture correction venture. You can buy a good posture band on Amazon to incorporate into your workouts. 

That said, here is the list of exercises to do in the morning and at night – they will only take up 20 minutes of your day. 

woman exercising

  • Child’s pose to strengthen and stretch your spine.
  • Standing forward-fold to stretch the hips and hamstrings and release tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Cat-cow to improve spine awareness and good posture
  • Chest stretch to relieve back pain and reverse poor alignment
  • Chest opening stretch to increase back awareness.
  • High plank to strengthen the core.
  • Downward-facing dog to open the chest and shoulders.
  • Pigeon pose to loosen tight hips. 
  • Thoracic spine rotation to be done at night to reduce back stiffness.
  • Isometric glute squeezes to activate the glutes.

Your 30-Day Calendar

  • Day 1 – Check your posture type
  • Day 2 – Child’s pose for 5 minutes.
  • Day 3 – 2 minutes child’s pose and 4 minutes of standing forward fold with 30 seconds intervals.
  • Day 4 – 1 minute child’s pose, and 2 minutes standing forward fold, and 5 minutes of cat-cow. 
  • Day 5 – 1 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, 2 minutes cat-cow, and 2 minutes chest stretch. 
  • Day 6 – 1 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes of cat-cow, 2 minutes of chest opening stretch. 2 minutes of standing forward fold, and 2 minutes of standing cat-cow. 
  • Day 7 – 3 minutes chest opening stretch added to day 6 routine. 
  • Day 8 – 5 rounds of 10 breath high plank exercises, 2-minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, and 2 minutes cat-cow.
  • Day 9 – 5 sets of 3 deep breaths of downward-facing dog, 2-minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, 2 minutes cat-cow
  • Day 10 – 2 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, 2 minutes cat-cow, and 5 minutes pigeon pose.
  • Day 11 – 2 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes chest opener, 2 minutes cat-cow.
  • Day 12 – 2 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, 2 minutes cat-cow, and 6 minutes pigeon pose.
  • Day 13 – 2 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, 2 minutes cat-cow, and chest and hip-opening stretches.
  • Day 14 – 2 minute child’s pose, 2 minutes standing forward fold, 2 minutes cat-cow, and stand for 15 minutes.
  • Day 15 – Day 21: These are the exercises you should do during the third week of your good posture correction journey:

2-minute child’s pose, 1-minute pigeon pose, 1-minute cat-cow, and 5 minutes thoracic spine rotation. Then incorporate other exercises each day of the week. These extra exercises include stretches throughout the day, optional yoga, and isometric glute squeezes. Also, keep checking your posture after every 20 minutes and hold your phone at eye level. On the final day of the week, repeat the routine for day 10. 

woman planking

  • Day 22 – Day 30: This week is about maintaining the strength and muscle memory your body has attained in the last three weeks. So start the day with 6 minutes of cat-cow, child’s pose, and pigeon pose. Then end it with the same exercise and add the day 12 plank regimen with a set of 4 reps. Remember to strengthen your glutes, shoulder, and back. Work on your strength and flexibility by taking a yoga class, and stand and check your posture regularly. 


Getting a good posture back is not difficult. It only requires dedication, patience, and handwork. Besides, most of the exercises we’ve outlined will feel like a breeze once you get to do them. If you find it challenging to work in a routine, set reminder on your mobile devices. 

But whatever you do, do not give up until your 30 days of getting your good posture back are over. If you have tried other good posture methods, did they work for you? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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